Macabre Gadgets’ Sculptural Jewelry

Inlaid with pearls, semi-precious stones, and gold, Macabre Gadgets creates high-relief adornments for your fingers, wrists, and neck.   Referred to as "gadgets" by the makers, these bijoux are wrought in K...

Reimagined Iron: Anu Tera

Where do the bad girls, dark goddesses, and powerful women shop for the perfect adornment? Girls with imaginings of a dystopian future, of being urban warriors living for survival in a futuristic landscape? While you wouldn't normally associate the words iron ...

Historical Couture: the Works of Agnieszka Osipa

Polish born Agnieszka Osipa has always been a designer who has enticed me. There is something in her elegantly handmade pieces that not only nods to Eastern European traditions and culture, but brings forth emotions of other worlds; fantasy and history com...
Anouk Wipprecht

Fashion Tech with Anouk Wipprecht

Coming from a scientific, some might even say nerdy, background I always enjoy seeing an artist who can bridge the art, science, technology divide. This is not only because the divide is entirely artificial, bu...
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