What is Beautiful Bizarre Magazine?

Beautiful Bizarre Magazine is a carefully curated and beautifully published print and digital new contemporary art magazine which showcases the work of emerging and leading artists and photographers from Australia and around the world.

Beautiful Bizarre Magazine is a quarterly new contemporary art magazine, web & social media network ~ a collective consciousness….

Beautiful Bizarre Magazine is an ever evolving, topical and inspiring web blog with a team of dedicated writers that focuses on bringing to light cutting edge creatives in our key content areas: Art, Culture, Couture.  Artists, photographers, performers, film makers, musicians, designers and makers of wearable art and adornments are discovered and explored on the Beautiful Bizarre Magazine website daily, along with previews and writes ups of amazing shows and exhibitions from around the world.

Beautiful Bizarre Magazine is a vast and highly engaged social media community which connects and inspires like-minded passionate people

What is Beautiful Bizarre Magazine’s mission?

Inspire, Encourage, Grow, Promote

Our mission is to provide a carefully curated, unique contemporary arts experience via all our touch points, that will inspire, encourage, grow, and promote emerging and leading new contemporary creatives.

Being an Australian based company we make our local creatives a priority!

How often is the Beautiful Bizarre Magazine publication released?

Beautiful Bizarre Magazine is an independent quarterly magazine. It is published on the first day of March, June, September and December in both print and digital format.

Can I purchase back issues?

Some back issues are available in our shop or you can check with our stockists.

Is Beautiful Bizarre Magazine available in both print & digital format?

Yes! When looking through our online shop you can purchase either a digital or print edition of each available issue. Obviously, the digital edition is cheaper, but for those who like to hold their art book in their hands the print copy is a divine indulgence. The coffee table book style of the publication is one of elegant glamour: beautiful large format images in incredible vivid color & detail, with the artwork as the focus.

Can I purchase Beautiful Bizarre Magazine for my portable device, i.e. iPad?

Of course, you can. Just purchase a digital edition for your mobile device, or the browser on your PC or Mac via our SHOP page, or you can download the free “beautiful bizarre” APP and purchase the current issue, or pick up a 1 year subscription.

Where is Beautiful Bizarre Magazine stocked?

Beautiful Bizarre Magazine is constantly expanding our stockist list.  See our current list of stockists here.

What do I do if the copy of Beautiful Bizarre Magazine I ordered has not arrived?

If you placed your order while signed in to the MagCloud website, you can check the shipping status from the Order History tab on your Account page, accessible from the Quick Links arrow next to your name at the top of any MagCloud page. If you were not signed in when you placed your order, you can search for it in the MagCloud contact form using the order number provided in your email receipt and the email address provided at the point of order.  If the status of your order is delivered and you have not received it, contact MagCloud directly and in most cases, they will replace your order at no cost.

If you are having difficulties please contact us at enquiries@beautifulbizarre.net

What do I do if the print copy of Beautiful Bizarre Magazine I received has a print fault?

Please contact MagCloud via their Contact Us page to resolve any print faults. In most cases they will send you a new copy at no charge.

Will you deliver Beautiful Bizarre Magazine to my City/Country?

Orders of all sizes ship worldwide, although shipping carriers and delivery times vary by country.

How much does shipping cost?

Visit the MagCloud Pricing page to use the pricing calculator and see the shipping options for your country.

Will I get reduced shipping costs if I buy multiple copies/a bundle of issues?

Bundling multiple copies into one order often reduces shipping cost compared with buying one issue at a time, use the MagCloud Pricing calculator to work out shipping costs for single or multiple publication purchases.

Can I submit my work for consideration to Beautiful Bizarre Magazine?

Of course! Beautiful Bizarre Magazine is always looking to discover new photographers & artists across all mediums.

How do I submit my work for consideration to Beautiful Bizarre Magazine?

Beautiful Bizarre Magazine encourages all artists who would like to have their work considered for inclusion in a future issue of the magazine to submit.  Full details on how to submit your work can be found via our Submission Guidelines.

Whether you are an emerging artist, or an established exhibited artist, we would love to hear from you.  We are constantly looking for exciting new work and appreciate you taking the time to engage with us.

You can also submit to have your work featured on the Beautiful Bizarre Magazine socials. Just post your work to Instagram with the hashtag #beautifulbizarre and once a week our editor-in-chief Danijela Krha Purssey selects some of her favorites for our weekly Submissions Sunday event, sharing the work across our massive social media following!

We also choose our favourite #beautifulbizarre Instagram submissions for inclusion in our special ‘Join the Tribe’ community feature in each digital edition of Beautiful Bizarre Magazine.

If Beautiful Bizarre Magazine accepts my work, when will it feature in the publication and in what format?

Firstly, congratulations on having your work accepted! There is no specific time frame re when your work will feature in the magazine and whether this feature will be a full editorial or a single piece in our “artists on the rise” section. Artists for each issue are chosen based on the tone of each particular issue and the diversity and spread of mediums and artists styles. Beautiful Bizarre Magazine is a quarterly publication, and planning for each issue begins months in advance – therefore it may take a number of issues before your work is selected for inclusion.  However in the meantime your work will be shared via our social media and you will remain on our file to consider for each upcoming issue. But don’t worry we have not forgotten you, and will contact you directly when your work fits with a particular issue.

How do you choose the work/artists you include in the magazine?

We start by choosing the art we love most and then what we believe our audience would like to see.  We also consider the overall tone of each issue and strive to achieve a good cross section of styles and mediums.

Beautiful Bizarre Magazine features artists from around the world and has a truly global audience. However, as Beautiful Bizarre Magazine was born in Australia, we always include at least one Australian featured artist in each issue.  If you are an artist living and working in Australia we would love to see your work, see our Submission Guidelines re how to submit.

I own a gallery or sell a unique product, what advertising options do you offer?

Beautiful Bizarre Magazine welcomes advertising inquiries. We choose our advertising partners based on the style and quality of the art, gallery, merchandise or event, and if they are a good fit with our aesthetic.  If you exhibit cutting edge beautiful / bizarre art [including traditional & digital art, photography, sculpture, handmade dolls etc.], produce quality products that showcase unique artistic talent, or just create or distribute an incredible product that we all love and enjoy we would love to hear from you. To request a media pack with full pricing and package options please contact us today at advertising@beautifulbizarre.net

How do I inquire about advertising, including prices and terms?

Please refer to our advertising page for additional details on website, social media and print/digital magazine advertising. For information regarding how you can connect with our highly engaged audience, or to request a media pack with full pricing and package options please send your full name, type of business, company name and contact information to advertising@beautifulbizarre.net

I own a store or gallery and would like to stock Beautiful Bizarre Magazine, how do I go about this?

There are no minimum or maximum order quantities. You can order thousands, hundreds or a single copy via our printer MagCloud!  If you would like to discuss discounted pricing for bulk orders, please email your inquiry directly to our Editor-in-Chief, danijela@beautifulbizarre.net

I am a University, College or Art School Librarian and would like a subscription of Beautiful Bizarre Magazine for our Library. How do I go about this?

We are able to offer unique subscription packages for libraries.  If you would like to stock Beautiful Bizarre Magazine in your library to inspire your students and broaden their vision of contemporary art we are able to offer a yearly or multiple year subscription.  At each new release, Beautiful Bizarre Magazine will be shipped directly to your institution.  For further information and to inquire, please contact our Editor-in-Chief directly, danijela@beautifulbizarre.net

I would like to write for the Beautiful Bizarre Magazine web blog, what is the submission process?

If you would like to write for the Beautiful Bizarre Magazine web blog, would like to attend and cover exhibitions in your area, interview artists, and share your passion for art and photography with the world, we would love to hear from you. Please familiarize yourself with Beautiful Bizarre Magazine by reading recent web articles before contacting us. Read our guidelines thoroughly before submitting samples of your writing for consideration.

If you have a question that is not covered here, please don’t hesitate to contact us directly.