Beautiful Bizarre Magazine is a quarterly art magazine, web & social media network ~ a collective consciousness….

Beautiful Bizarre Magazine is a “new contemporary” media network.  A carefully curated and beautifully published print and digital magazine which showcases the work of emerging and leading artists and photographers from Australia and around the world. Available worldwide with a total reach in the millions and a truly engaged audience, Beautiful Bizarre Magazine is uniquely tailored to promote art producers, original and print galleries, artistic supplies manufacturers and distributors, cultural event promoters, Arts colleges and universities, and producers or distributors of unique and beautiful goods.

Beautiful Bizarre Magazine is an ever evolving, topical and relevant web blog with a team of dedicated writers that focuses on bringing to light cutting edge creatives in our key content areas:


Artists, photographers, performers, film makers, musicians, designers and makers of wearable art and adornments are discovered and explored on the Beautiful Bizarre Magazine website daily. Plus stay inspired and informed with previews and writes ups of amazing shows and exhibitions from around the world.

Beautiful Bizarre Magazine is a vast and highly engaged social media network connecting and inspiring like-minded passionate people. Beautiful Bizarre Magazine facilitates and expands the conversation regarding what defines “new” contemporary art in today’s society.





Our mission is to inspire, encourage, grow and promote talented leading and emerging creatives whose work goes beyond traditionally accepted forms of expression. Beautiful Bizarre Magazine is the place where the unique, the evocative, and the beautifully bizarre are celebrated and readers can discover a decadent alternative to mainstream art, culture and couture.

Beautiful Bizarre Magazine works with exceptional creatives from all corners of the globe. Being an Australian based company we have a genuine soft spot for our local talent, making it a priority to include Australian creatives in each issue and sharing their work across all Beautiful Bizarre Magazine media platforms.

Beautiful Bizarre Magazine continues to cement its position as the leading publication to introduce Australian “new” contemporary artists to galleries, the wider art community & collectors.


Beautiful Bizarre Magazine Release Dates

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Issue Release Date   
30 January 2017 1 March 2017
30 April 2017 1 June 2017
30 July 2017 1 September 2017
30 October 2017 1 December 2017

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Beautiful Bizarre Magazine is a taste of the sublime, the bizarre and the strikingly beautiful.  Our never ending and all consuming passion leads us down the rabbit hole and into a world of heightened sensory experience …
join us in wonderland.


Artwork shown: Midnight and the Garden of Good and Evil, 2016 [Oil on aluminum, 24 x 24″] by Sarah Dolby. Featured in beautiful.bizarre issue 016.