Hello lovely beautiful and bizarre folk,

Since many of us are still in lockdown due to COVID, and others have transitioned to working from home permanently, creating a safe and inspiring space for ourselves, that expresses who we are, what we love, and what is important to us has become a priority. Hence, I thought I would take the initiative and share my ‘Lust Haves’ list with you each month. A list of 10 wonderful things I have found on the internet and Instagram, which I would personally love to own! As you know the Beautiful Bizarre Magazine brand encompasses: Art, Culture, Couture. So these lists will of course include visual art, some of which I have recently added to my collection, and some which I would love to acquire, plus fashion, jewellery, ceramics, home wares, garden and pet related goodies, music, books and whatever else is on my ‘Lust Haves’ list at the time. All the goodies that feed the mind, body and soul.

I hope you find some inspiration from my list to update your look and create your own sanctuary. One which expresses your unique individual style, brings you comfort, and joy, and inspires you each day. I personally advocate for shopping local where possible both for environmental reasons, and of course to support local makers and brands. However my lists will include both Australian and international artists ad brands to cater to our special international community.

I will be collecting all my ‘Lust Have’ ideas via my personal Instagram account @danijelakrhapurssey, so please join me there, and feel free to suggest some amazing products via DM to my Instagram account.

Exciting! Take a peek at my September 2021 ‘Lust Haves’ below. You can check out my August Top 10 ‘Lust Haves’ list here for even more inspiration.

Much love xo

Danijela Krha Purssey // Editor-in-Chief, Beautiful Bizarre Magazine

September 2021 // Editor’s Top 10 Lust Haves

Del Kathryn Barton is my ultimate ‘art throb’! I know right, that is a huge call – considering what I do for a living! She has inspired, fascinated and challenged me for many years. I was deeply honoured to feature her work on the cover of the March 2018 re-launch issue of Beautiful Bizarre Magazine, and the interview within is wonderfully honest, intimate and moving. This print issue is of course sold out, but you can still purchase the digital magazine here.

Del has won Australia’s most prestigious Art Prize, the Archibald Prize, multiple times and deservedly so. Her work is unashamedly both beautiful and bizarre. I really admire her bravery to push boundaries, and explore very intimate women’s stories both through her paintings, and drawings, and her short films. This painting above is one of my all time favourites. You can see it animated in Del’s collaboration with Brendan Fletcher, their incredible short film brings Oscar Wilde’s The Nightingale and the Rose to vivid life in this animation masterpiece. If you haven’t experienced this amazing project check out a little teaser here, you wont be disappointed.

I would of course love to own one of Del’s original works! She is on my ultimate wish list. However a print of this spectacular painting would also be a dream.

If you’ve checked out my previous ‘Lust Haves’ list you will know that my husband and I recently moved into our forever home – a 130 year old timber cottage in regional NSW. Of course, the house has inspired lots of ideas regarding potential new décor for each space. This stunning rattan bedhead by Danish furniture manufacturer Sika-Design would look divine in front of the gorgeous original fireplace in our guest bedroom.

Zimmermann is one of my favourite Australian designers. I love far too many of their beautiful feminine dresses, blouses and skirts! I must admit I have a few gorgeous dresses by this designer already, but hey I couldn’t possibly wear the same dress to to more than one exhibition opening, could I? ;)

Zimmermann now has stores in the US, UK and Europe. If you have one near you, I highly recommend a visit – it’s heaven.

Concert Tie Neck Mini Dress, click through above to see the runway presentation. PS. the leggings and boots need to come home with me as well!

Amber Cowan’s contemporary glass sculptures are so beautiful and unique that they take my breath away! Her work is definitely on my collectors wish list. This work redefines modern glass art – from its materiality, to its divine colour, and surreal fluid form. Yes please!

Azure Ryder is a brilliant young Australian musician, singer and songwriter from Sydney whose music really touches my soul, and moves my body – vibrating from my heart ever outward until I’m just sitting here grooving while I work. Azure released her debut EP, Running With The Wolves, on 27 March 2020. The embedded snippet of her song Dizzy is above, give it a listen and let you spirit soar with this super talented young artist.

Some of the lyrics from Dizzy:

Half the time I’m wading water
And the other half I’m in the sky
‘Cause it’s the rise and the fall
That keeps us moving

I did mention in my August Lust Haves list that I am OBSESSED with ceramics right? Well as soon as I saw Australian artist Bonnie Hislop announce that she was dropping a new batch of her fun and quirky ceramics I couldn’t resist – and for once I actually a) saw the post prior to the work going on sale, and b) managed to get online on time to nab one of these fabulous trophies! Can you guess which one is mine?

The orange ‘Not the Worst‘ handmade ceramic sculpture is coming to live with me real soon. It will have pride of place on the mantle in my office and remind me every day that I am not the worst ;) So I must be doing something right, even when times are tough.

I’m really vibing on these sunglasses! The perfect shade of green and the sparkles – fabulous! They have been on my wish list for some time. I wear glasses full time so getting new sunglasses is a big investment once you also get new prescription tinted lenses put in – I am currently visualising them on my face – which of course makes them appear, doesn’t it?

These gorgeous glasses are by Australian eyeware and accessories brand MAUDE Studio.

Australian artist Lilli Waters was a finalist in the Photography Award category in both the 2019 and 2020 Beautiful Bizarre Art Prize, and since then I have been following her closely. There is something enigmatic, cinematic and yet intimate about her fine art photography. I since had the pleasure of working with her on her in-depth interview editorial in Issue 31 of Beautiful Bizarre Magazine.

I’m excited to reveal that Lilli will be participating in Beautiful Bizarre Magazine’s 2nd Museum exhibition globally, and the 1st Museum exhibition in Australia next May. Stay tuned for more information about this special exhibition which will feature, for the first time, Australian creatives only.

The above photograph Extinct, from her Anthropocene series, is one of my favourites – I’m sure you can see why!

I’m blessed to have lots of beautiful blowsy roses in my garden, and had posies of roses in most rooms of my house from December when we moved in, until late Autumn. What a joy! However the colder months left a little floral hole in my heart so I have embraced dried flowers, including this gorgeous little arrangement by French florist Celestine Morel.

I love the quirky, the handmade, the unique, and of course the beautiful and bizarre – and American creative Carly Elizabeth Owens-Weiss’ wonderful collection of embroidered earrings and necklaces give me a little thrill! The Beatrice Necklace keeps whispering to me ….. I think she wants to come and adorn my bodice ;)

I hope you enjoyed this little journey into my personal aesthetic. Stay tuned, my next Top 10 ‘Lust Haves’ list will be published in October. xox

About Author

Danijela Krha Purssey is an entrepreneur, and the Editor-in-Chief and Co-Founder of Australian based international contemporary art magazine, Beautiful Bizarre Magazine. She is deeply passionate and committed to her vision to help shift the paradigm in the global contemporary arts industry regarding what is defined and accepted as contemporary art.


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