Pharmakon: The Art of Confrontation

Coughing. Breathing heavily. Rhythmically banging sheets of metal. Confronting mortality - confronting anything that might get in her way. New York artist Pharmakon. a.k.a. Margaret Chardiet has been snarling, wailing, baring her soul to global audiences for a...
shady lea guitars

Gobblefest @ Shady Lea Guitars

Luthier, noun: Individual who creates stringed musical instruments. In the spirit of the US holiday of giving thanks, Shady Lea Guitars is holding Gobblefest to celebrate Thanksgiving and the grand opening...
projection, skateboarding

Projection: A Skate Film In Paris

A deft young skater mounts his deck and glides through the wet and dry streets of Paris, his moving image flickering between days and nights, as iconic French architecture decorates the background with beautiful textures and various shades of white and grey. T...