A Hand Forged Spiritual Legacy: The Wearable Art of Bayou Brass

Sarah Victoria Chamorro’s fascination with handmade objects d’art began in her childhood as she watched her father, a carpenter, craft beautiful things from raw materials in the backyard of their New Orleans, Louisiana home. Taking that fascination into a new realm, Chamorro founded her jewelry company, Bayou Brass, in 2015. While her work began with beading, today she creates pieces using beads, wire wrapping, and metalsmithing – all skills that are entirely self-taught. Her work spans necklaces, rings, and pendants using a variety of metals and semiprecious stones.

Bayou Brass was featured in Some of our Favourite Things inside the September Issue 30 of Beautiful Bizarre Magazine!

Bayou Brass designs draw on influences from Chamorro’s first generation Honduran-American background as well as the city of New Orleans and its rich heritage of African symbolism and the Vodou religion. Pieces like the Black Onyx Watchtower of Protection draw on traditional spiritualism to create a stunningly wearable work of art that also tells a story about the maker and the wearer.

Chamorro’s art is made to last generations. Each design is conceptualized, forged, etched, and stamped free-handed by Chamorro in her home studio. Crafted from ethically sourced stones and materials from local producers, every piece is a wearable ode to the NOLA spirit and the people who give it life.

Bayou Brass wearbale art

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