PoetsArtists @ Abend Gallery 29th Annual Holiday Miniatures Show

In the highly anticipated opening of Abend Gallery’s 29th Annual Holiday Miniatures Show, several members of PoetsArtists will be participating! This new body of work incorporates the creative endeavors of each artist’s unique style, voice and visionary spirit. With the holiday season fast approaching, now’s the time to set your sights on some beautiful artwork and start building your wish list.

Mark your calendars and join PoetsArtists and Abend Gallery in the cerebration of this exiting exhibition that’s sure to pique your senses.

Press: In its 29th year running, the “Annual Holiday Miniatures Show” is an exhibition for everyone. This year, continuing the tradition, Abend gallery will showcase work from a wide range of artists, from emerging to well-established, and spanning multiple genres. Art appreciators of all levels will delight in this engaging and long-standing exhibition, which fills the entire expansive gallery space with over 50 artists, contributing anywhere from 200 to 300 original works of art total. This exhibition will also present the art collectors with the opportunity to add some very prominent signatures to their personal collection at very approachable prices.

Given the wide range of subject matter and varying styles amongst the artists in the show, there will be much to see and many ideas to explore. The only parameter given to the artists was a size restriction (no larger than 80 square inches, roughly 8×10”), which gives one the creative freedom to explore and create miniature, yet powerful works of art. The small sizes make the art works more accessible in terms of collectability, especially for new art appreciators hoping to start their collection. The prices are wide ranging, providing visitors of all ages the ability to pick something up. With the holidays right around the corner, the timing to discover the perfect holiday “jewel” couldn’t be better.

Participating Artists: Zoa Ace, Linda Adair, Nicole Alger, Megan Aline, Daliah Ammar, Jenna Anderson, Joanna Barnum, Donna Bates, Jim Beckner, Yana Beylinson, Kelly Birkenruth, Raymond Bonilla, Jason Brady, Linda Tracey Brandon, Dina Brodsky, Stephanie Buer, Adam Burke, Elena Burykina, Morgan Cameron, Jeremy Caniglia, Wendy Carney, Todd Carpenter, Phoenix Chan, Lorenzo Chavez, Mary Chiaramonte, Hilary Clarcq, Christopher Clark, Matthew James Collings, Michelle Condrat, David Cunningham, Tiffany Dae, Steven DaLuz, Delton Demarest, Gemma Di Grazia, Judith Dickinson, Marina Dieul, Jon Doran, Riley Doyle, Matthew Alfonso Durante, Thorgrimur Einarsson, Jeff Faerber, Shannon Fannin, Jessica Fields, Vanessa Foley, Tanja Gant, Ann Gargotto, Jennifer Gennari, Jodi Gerbi, Grant Gilsdorf, Thane Gorek, Lindsey Bittner Graham, Nicole Grosjean, Adam Hall, Derek Harrison, Stephanie  Hartshorn, Dana Hawk, Chelsea Herron, Emma Hirst, Natasha Isenhour, Cody Jimenez, David Kammerzell, Deb Komitor, Jason Kowalski, Shawn Kreuger, Lindsey Kustusch, Shelli Langdale, Joshua Lawyer, MJ Lindo, Rachel Linnemeier, Tammy Liu-Haller, Daire Lynch, Gina Matarazzo, Patrick Maxcy, John McLeod, Miranda Meeks, Yvonne Melchers, Kevin Moore, Ryan Morse, Josie Morway,  Nadezda, Karen Offutt, Tammi Otis, Fikriye Oz,  Sandra Pratt, Rick Price, Tony Pro, Christina Ramos, Megan Read, Louis Recchia, Christopher Remmers, Rob Rey, Karen Rosasco, Nick Runge, Kirsten Savage, Richard T Scott, O’Neil Scott, Cindy Shih, Suzy Smith, Brian Sostrum, JC Spock, Corina St Martin, Clyde Steadman, Victoria Steel, Shawn Sullivan, Vicki Sullivan,  Sybiline, Judy Takacs, Matt Talbert, Sarah van der Helm, Daggi Wallace, Marisa Aragon Ware, Jess Wathen, Doug Webb, Fred Wessel, Justin Wheatley, Seth Winegar, Anna Wypych, Zane York, Drew Young, Kierstin Young, Zack Zdrale, Kaitlin Zeismer.

PoetsArtists at The 29th Annual Holiday Miniatures Show

Opening Reception:

Saturday, November 2, 2019 | 6-8 pm

Exhibition Dates:

November 2- December 7, 2019

Abend Gallery

Ph: 303-355-0950

Contact David Ethridge, Co-curator/Co-owner, for additional information: david@abendgallery.com

1412 Wazee St | Denver, Colorado 80202 | 303.355.0950 | abendgallery.com


Christopher Remmers In Dreams PoetsArtists

Christopher Remmers, “In Dreams”

Donna Bates Up Close and Personal portrait painting

Donna Bates, “Up Close and Personal”

Grant Gilsdorf Spirit Channeling realistic portrait PoetsArtists

Grant Gilsdorf, “Spirit Channeling”

Jason Brady For All That You Cannot See portrait

Jason Brady, “For All That You Cannot See”

Jenna Anderson Inside Out flower portrait painting

Jenna Anderson, “Inside Out”

Matthew Alfonso Durante "Figure 5" nude art PoetsArtists

Matthew Alfonso Durante, “Figure 5”

Megan Read "Great Expectations" nude figurative painting

Megan Read, “Great Expectations”

O'Neil Scott "The Good Life" skeleton wearing hat and glasses

O’Neil Scott, “The Good Life”

Tiffany Dae "Shadow Self" galaxy portrait painting

Tiffany Dae, “Shadow Self”

Rick Price "Dear Lovely Death" surreal skull painting

Rick Price, “Dear Lovely Death”

Steven DaLuz "The Black Dress" dark art

Steven DaLuz, “The Black Dress”


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