The 27th Annual Holiday Miniatures Show @ Abend Gallery

With their usual panache for combining multiple styles to form a harmonious exhibition, Abend Gallery are celebrating their 27th Annual Holiday Miniatures show. Featuring over 50 local and national artists, the group show provides the perfect platform for viewers to find their very own paragon of perfection at a modest price. The long-standing Miniatures Show is proof in itself of the importance and popularity of such exhibitions. Bringing together some rising stars alongside more well-established artists, Abend Gallery is celebrating a truly voluptuous collection – together combining almost 300 artworks, every wall within the gallery is adorned with a little treasure. Jean Pierre Arboleda’s charming creatures provide a playful mischief, while Zack Zdrale’s bold brush strokes elevate his subjects far beyond the borders of their panels. Be sure to check out Brian Mashburn’s energetic landscapes that … Continue reading The 27th Annual Holiday Miniatures Show @ Abend Gallery