With their usual panache for combining multiple styles to form a harmonious exhibition, Abend Gallery are celebrating their 27th Annual Holiday Miniatures show. Featuring over 50 local and national artists, the group show provides the perfect platform for viewers to find their very own paragon of perfection at a modest price.

The long-standing Miniatures Show is proof in itself of the importance and popularity of such exhibitions. Bringing together some rising stars alongside more well-established artists, Abend Gallery is celebrating a truly voluptuous collection – together combining almost 300 artworks, every wall within the gallery is adorned with a little treasure. Jean Pierre Arboleda’s charming creatures provide a playful mischief, while Zack Zdrale’s bold brush strokes elevate his subjects far beyond the borders of their panels. Be sure to check out Brian Mashburn’s energetic landscapes that breathe life into seemingly desolate scenes, and not to be missed are Mary Chiaramonte’s wistful female figures. Together this array of artists provide an exciting insight into contemporary figurative art.

The 27th Annual Holiday Miniatures Show


December 9 – Dec 31, 2017

Abend Gallery

1412 Wazee St, Denver, CO 80202


Participating Artists:

Rebecca Mason Adams, Zoa Ace, Timur Akhriev, Jaclyn Alderete, Jean Pierre Arboleda, Mark Andrew Bailey, Jim Beckner, Jennifer Bobola, Rossina Bossio, Chris Charlebois, Mary Chiaramonte, Michelle Condrat, Yushi Dangami, Shay Davis, Judith Dickinson, Jacob Dhein, Alpay Efe, Thorgrimur Einarsson, Jody Fallon, Ann Gargotto, Bruce A Gómez, Adam Hall, Johanna Harmon, Stephanie Hartshorn, Dana Hawk, Aimée Hoover, Jane Hunt, Mathew Hurtado, David Kammerzell, Lindsey Kustusch, David Lipson, Adam Lupton, Joseph Martinez, Brian Mashburn, Jennifer McChristian, Ryan Morse, Elsa Munoz, Corey Oda, Gage Opdenbrouw, Sandra Pratt, Susana Ragel, Louis RecchiaXimena Rendon, Rob Rey, Devon Rodriguez, Karen Rosasco, Nick Runge, Nicolas Sanchez, Dave Santillanes, Hiroshi Sato, Kirsten Savage, Cindy Shih, Elsa Sroka, Bryan Mark Taylor, Hsin-Yao Tseng, Lani Vlaanderen, Tracy Wall, John Wentz, Mike Wise, Wendelin Wohlgemuth, Kierstin Young, Zack Zdrale

Nick Runge – City of Stone


About Abend Gallery:

Established in 1990, Abend Gallery has become a pivotal focal point portraying a vast world of fine art from contemporary to traditional within Denver, Colorado. Bringing together national and internationally recognized professional artists as well as supporting up and coming talent, Abend Gallery see no end in sight as they continue to curate accessible and stimulating contemporary exhibitions.

For more information about The 27th Annual Holiday Miniatures Show and to see more works on display, visit their website or call 303-355-0950.
Opening hours are Tue-Sat, 12 – 6pm. Show closes on Sunday, December 31st 2017.

Brian Mashburn – Tree 2

Ximena Rendon – Vestige

Jean Pierre Arboleda – Sweet Thief

Timus Akhriev – Wax on Eve

Mary Chiaramonte – Southern Gothic No. 3

Rossina Bossio – Agotar Existencias

Zack Zdrale – Cloud II

Ximena Rendon – Penumbra

Jean Pierre Arboleda – Pill Popper

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