PoetsArtists “MOVIE NIGHT” Exhibition @ Ille Arts

If you love movies and art then you’re going to love PoetsArtists’ exciting new exhibition, “MOVIE NIGHT”! Curated by Rick Davidman, “MOVIE NIGHT” is sure to pique your interest with its array of creative interpretations and artistic styles… all influenced by film. It opens Saturday, October 5th at Ille Arts so mark your calendars now!

Learn more about the exhibition and follow participating artists via Artsy

Press: In a world where movie box office revenues exceed $40 billion a year from 1.3 billion tickets sold, it should be no surprise that films from both art house cinemas and multiplexes have been a huge source of subject matter and inspiration for many artists. Rick Davidman, who as owner of DFN Gallery in New York City became known for specializing in representational contemporary art, invited several dozen artists to have their work appear in MOVIE NIGHT. This exhibition will also coincide with the 27th Annual Hamptons International Film Festival nearby.

There have been many memorable films which have celebrated famous artists. The Agony and the Ecstasy, Frida, Lust For Life, Girl with a Pearl Earring, Pollock, and others come to mind. In fact, most people’s conception of what an artist is has probably come from the movies. And artists, such as Andy Warhol, Julian Schnabel, and David Lynch, have made films. “MOVIE NIGHT”, however, provides a welcome opportunity for artists to show how movies have impacted them. The artists participating in “MOVIE NIGHT” were not asked to provide literal portraits of movie stars or reproductions of memorable scenes, but rather to use their chosen film as a stepping-stone for creating their own original work. The exhibit will include paintings, drawings, sculpture, and more.


PoetsArtists ‘MOVIE NIGHT’

Directed by Sara De Luca
Produced by Rick Davidman

Opening Reception:

Saturday, October 5, 2019 | 5-7pm

Exhibition Dates:

October 5 – November 4, 2019

Ille Arts Gallery

Ille Arts  |  171 Main Street Amagansett, NY 11930   631-905-9894 |  illearts.com


Starring: Ben Aronson, Lauren Bergman, Tom Birkner, Teresa Brutcher, Orly Cogan, Polly Cook, Peter Drake, Belinda Eaton, Rick Finkelstein, Ingrid Cappozzoli Flinn, Marianna Foster, Barbara Fox, Daisy Fresh, Grant Gilsdorf, Kristy Gordon, Susan Grossman, Bert Heersema, Candace Hicks, Bunny Hinzman, Felice House, Shiva Jlayer, JuliAnne Jonker, Claudia Kaak, Will Kurtz, Lisa Lebofsky, Jessica Libor, Hodaya Louis, Edwina Lucas, John Nickle, Karen Offutt, Stefania Panepinto, Daniel Pelavin, Betsy Podlach, Kim Power, Nadine Robbins, Katherine Rudin, Buket Savci, Viktoria Savenkova, Sharon Sayegh, O’Neil Scott, Victoria Selbach, Nancy Stahl, Shawn Sullivan, Sybiline, Tula Telfair, Daena Title, Daniel Volenec, Melanie Vote, John Wellington, Thomas Wharton, Ellie Williams, Dan Witz, and Charles Yoder.

Belinda Eaton Olive painting PoetsArtists exhibition

Belinda Eaton | (Inspired by Popeye)

Buket Savci Into the wild vibrant figurative painting

Buket Savci | (Inspired by Into the Wild)

Bunny Hinzman Minority Report portrait painting

Bunny Hinzman | (Inspired by Minority Report)

Daena Title surreal Gone with the wind painting

Daena Title | (Inspired by Gone With The Wind)

Ellie Williams Rosemarys Baby Mia Farrow painting

Ellie Williams | (Inspired by Rosemary’s Baby)

Jessica Libor Sleeping Beauty Awakening painting PoetsArtists exhibition

Jessica Libor | (Inspired by Sleeping Beauty)

Karen Offutt Blue Velvet portrait painting

Karen Offutt | (Inspired by Blue Velvet)

Nadine Robbins The Color Purple nude art nipple painting

Nadine Robbins | (Inspired by The Color Purple)

O’Neil Scott Into the SpiderVerse spiderman kid painting

O’Neil Scott | (Inspired by Spiderman)

Sybiline A place where nobody dared to go Xanadu

Sybiline | (Inspired by Xanadu)

Teresa Brutcher Snow White The Fairest of Them All figurative painting

Teresa Brutcher | (Inspired by Snow White)

Thomas Wharton Whatever Happened to Baby Jane doll painting

 Thomas Wharton | (Inspired by Whatever Happened to Baby Jane)

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