beautiful.bizarre magazine is proud to announce the June 2014 issue with Aaron Nagel’s incredible work on the cover, is out now!


Inside the June 2014 issue: Special Edition


  • Aaron Nagel
  • Sylwia Makris
  • Sarah Joncas
  • Mecuro B Cotto
  • Aron Demetz
  • CallowLily
  • Leslie Ann O’Dell
  • Casey Weldon


Leslie Ditto, ONEQ, Darren Black, Derek Gores, Tom Bagshaw, Shawn Barber, Sam Jinks, Tatiana Suarez, Thomas Babeau, Vanessa Dakinsky, Mandy Tsung, Klaudia Gaugier, Calin Moldovan, Edith Lebeau, Tati Ferrigno, Fernando Vicente, Rebeca Puebla, Bruno Perillo, Kevin Peterson, Tyson Mcadoo, Melissa Hartley, Gustavo Rimada, Rod Luff, Leila Ataya, Caitlin Hackett and Christina Mrozic, Fin DAC, Pamela Wilson, Celine “Citronrouge”, Jennifer Haggerty, Diego Fernandez, Danny O’Connor, John John Jesse, Alana Dee Haynes, Sandra Chevrier, Gabriel Moreno, Cate Rangel, Katja Kat, Minjae Lee, Scott Rohlfs, Krassimir Kolev, Jaime Ibarra, Mai Ja, Julie Filipenko.


  • List of upcoming exhibitions: Jun – Aug 2014.


June 2014 Issue : Teaser


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