Juliet Schreckinger in 2022: Evolution & Exhibition

A puffin carries a sea turtle up into the skies, their gazes matched straight ahead in pure anticipation. Octopuses joyously lounge in the moonlight. Elsewhere, an owl and shoebill frolic together under a thousand stars. These are just some of the scenes which Juliet Schreckinger creates in her signature stippling technique. They are full of warmth and beauty, and have caught the attention of collectors, galleries, and general art lovers all over the world.

Last year, I interviewed Juliet Schreckinger to learn more about this young artist – and what a difference a year makes! Though still studying at university, she has continued to grow her career as an exhibiting artist and further push her stippling to new levels. Currently, Juliet is preparing for two solo shows: one with Arch Enemy Arts and another with Antler Gallery, both in the USA. Speaking with Juliet, her humble yet keenly positive attitude shone brightly. “I still cannot wrap my head around having these two exhibitions.” She exclaims. “And at two of the most amazing galleries I could dream of showing with! Having two solos coming up in 2022 is definitely intimidating. But it’s simultaneously the best feeling in the world. I am motivated to get up every day and create the best possible work I can.

My biggest wish for both of these shows is that I make the gallery owners proud, as I have so much respect for all of them and I am so grateful for their generous invitation to host my shows.

Juliet Schreckinger

Read ahead to learn more about Juliet’s upcoming solo exhibitions.

Juliet Schreckinger
Oscar’s Lighthouse

Arch Enemy Arts: a nautical adventure (July 2022)

“Lawren and Noah, the owners and curators of Arch Enemy Arts, have been so generous and kind to me since I first started showing with them in early 2021. They go out of their way to make me feel at home every time I step into the gallery and really helped me at the start of my career. Showing my work in galleries can be very nerve wracking, and they have always been so helpful with any questions I had. Also, their space is gorgeous and located in Philadelphia, which is one of my favourite cities!”

For her solo at Arch Enemy Arts in July, Juliet Schreckinger has decided to focus on a nautical theme. Keeping her cards close to her chest, she was careful not to give too much away to me before the opening night. Visitors can, however, expect Juliet’s personal take on some endangered ocean animals as part of the show, in-line with her ongoing promotion of conservation awareness. She describes her time researching by the sea as a “mesmerising” experience. Clearly, Juliet’s awe for the water and its inhabitants has given her plenty of material to work with.

“I’ve spent a lot of time traveling to visit and take reference photos of lighthouses from coast to coast. [They] are one of my all-time favourite things to draw. A few lighthouses will definitely be included in the show, with their respective animal lightkeepers of course.

Growing up, I heard stories about how my parents were married on a whale boat, and they would always share their wonderful love and passion for ocean animals with me.

My goal is for this show to pay a tribute to the magical creatures that made me want to become an artist in the first place. I can’t wait to share this work that I am so deeply passionate about!

Juliet Schreckinger lighthouse
Oliver’s Lighthouse

Antler Gallery: into the woods (October 2022)

“Susannah and Neil, the owners and curators of Antler Gallery, are two of the kindest people I have ever had the honour to work with. Both are not only incredible artists and curators but are also incredible people. I couldn’t be more excited to be working with them. I had the pleasure of visiting Antler Gallery, in Portland, in the beginning of 2022 for their 10 year anniversary show, Untamed Splendor. I’m still in disbelief that I will have a solo show hanging on their walls later this year!”

For her upcoming show at Antler Gallery, Juliet Schreckinger is turning her focus towards earth’s land inhabitants. Last year she created a piece called The Moon Lovers for a special Antler Gallery show, and still feels a deep connection to the owl and toad characters which she then created. “They will definitely be making another appearance, as well as some new forest creatures I have yet to introduce into my body of work.” She shares. “I spent a lot of time on the Oregon coast this past summer, and the creatures I encountered were so magical. I’ll be featuring some of my favourite creatures from this experience as well, including the Tufted Puffin.”

[Animal] protection is so important to me, and I feel that art is such a strong medium through which their beauty and importance can be expressed.

Juliet Schreckinger Sheldon And His Moth Friends
Sheldon And His Moth Friends

Connecting with the message

In our previous chat last year, Juliet shared more on her passion for animal conservation and environmentalism. Thankfully, it seems that her efforts to spread awareness have not fallen on deaf ears. People all round the world have responded positively to Juliet’s messages, connecting with the need to support environmentalism on local and international levels.

“I am so grateful that I have had such a positive response to the theme of environmentalism in my work! I’ve [encountered] many incredibly kind collectors and viewers that also feel a strong connection to nature and animal protection. Additionally, I’m very grateful to the PangeaSeed Foundation for allowing me to explore the theme of ocean conservation through our collaborative print editions this past year. I’m excited to continue that relationship into 2022 with another print edition (date TBA).”

Finding the balance

As well as her two upcoming solos, Juliet Schreckinger will also be exhibiting in multiple group shows with WOWxWOW, Stranger Factory, Giant Robot Store, Gallery 1988, and many more! It’s hard to imagine that she has time for anything else. Consequently, it may come as a surprise to learn that Juliet is still completing her BFA degree in Illustration. But how, exactly, does one balance being student and professional artist at the same time?

“This is definitely something I struggle with!” she laughs. “It has been a long road to get my BFA degree (I’ll be graduating in May 2022). However, I was fortunate enough to have a few professors such as Steven Brodner and Travis Louie that let me focus on the pieces that were important to me, while working every day to get better with my chosen mediums, ink and graphite.

Juliet Schreckinger
The Pull

Without a doubt, the best thing to come out of my time as a student is my connection with Travis Louie. I consider him to be my mentor, teacher, and friend. Travis took so much time to teach me everything from basic drawing skills to intricate finishing touches. I grew up obsessed with his surreal drawings, so to call him a mentor is still an unreal feeling.

“Travis understands the methods to best achieve quality black and white work. He has given me more information than I could have learned in a lifetime without him. While school was very hard to complete alongside all my gallery deadlines, I am forever grateful that it put me in contact with the wonderful Travis Louie.”

Art for the heart

Stippling is a notoriously painstaking artistic process. As a result, it’s practically impossible for Juliet not to develop a deep connection with each and every one of her works. “I spend so much time with my pieces, it’s always a bit emotional for me to release them into the real world outside of my little studio. If I had to think of a piece that I am exceptionally close with, it would probably be The Moon Lovers. This one has two of my favourite animals in it: a great horned owl and a toad. I imagine that my characters, Waldo and Seymour, are in love with the moon (as so many of us are I think), in love with each other, and in love with this moment in time. I sometimes have moments that I wish would never end…I felt that this piece was a small look into one of those fleeting moments for this couple. It was also in my first show with Antler Gallery, which was a dream exhibition to be part of.

“Another piece that I feel particularly connected to from this past year was Happy Together. It depicts a snail, toad, and damselflies all perched atop a large mushroom. This piece was very enjoyable to work on as I loved the combination of these animals together in such a fun setting. Travis Louie, my teacher and mentor, helped me immensely while drawing this piece. I learned a lot while creating it with regards to contrast and lighting. It was also the first piece I ever exhibited in Modern Eden gallery, one of my absolute dream galleries to work with. It was a part of the Actual Size group show, and I will never forget attending the opening reception in San Francisco!”

Juliet Schreckinger
Happy Together

I feel extremely grateful to have had my art to turn to over these past few years. It is always something that brings me immeasurable peace and joy in life.

The art never stops

Aside from gallery shows, Juliet excitedly shared news on her continuing collaboration with the PangeaSeed Foundation. This year marks their 10-year anniversary, and to mark the occasion Juliet has created a new, limited edition print release with them. For more details on this release, sign up to the PangeaSeed newsletter.

Additionally, Juliet will also be working on various other illustration projects as well. Details on all of her upcoming projects will be shared on her website and social media in the coming months. No doubt, more projects and adventures will crop up as she continues to share her art with the world, so be sure to follow her and stay up to date with Juliet’s latest developments!

Juliet Schreckinger owl
The Stand

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