19 Artists to Watch from the IMC Art Program in 2019

watercolor & sumi painting by artist Hope Doe. Fox touched by hands emerging from darkness. Started at IMC 2019

Artists to Watch from a Pioneering Narrative Art Program

Where do you look to find rising talent in the world of storytelling art? Beautiful Bizarre showcases new voices. Below are nineteen artists coming to the world stage. Fun-to-watch artistic paths spread before them. So prepare your Instagram fingers.

One thing binds these talents: they all attended the 2019 IMC art program. Each artwork shown below started in that hive of energy. The IMC is the most established art workshop for narrative and storytelling art. Each year artists gather on the idyllic Amherst College campus. Working shoulder to shoulder, they come to transform their image making. They come to build professional community. The atmosphere includes Face-to-face time with masters of the craft. Special guests include influential art directors, publishers, writers, and gallerists.

OK, my wife Rebecca Leveille Guay runs the IMC. However, I’m not alone in seeing the amazing talent coming out of the seminar. The good people at Beautiful Bizarre see the same thing. Art workshops are often the source of the next generations of artists. And at the IMC, new visions emerge from high-ceiling studios where aromas of oil paint and charcoal float amid the hum of digital equipment. A cross-pollination occurs. Concept designers and illustrators learn from each other. Painters join in. All of these students come together out of a desire to reach into the treasure chest of visual storytelling tools that is the tradition of illustration. The faculty, with their decades of expertise and understanding of the history, offer keys to that bounty.

And There’s More:

Many jewels emerged from the 2019 IMC art program. It’s been hard to pick just nineteen artworks to feature. The 2019 IMC included a wide range of students. Some were dipping their feet in the pool–just beginning to explore the world of narrative art. Some were gaining momentum with their skills. Many others were pushing into new territory in already well-established artistic lives.

Choosing was difficult. I sometimes opted in favor of artists who had less exposure. So, for your added viewing pleasure, here are some links to artists not shown here. They’re worth a look. They include: famous tattoo artists, established concept artists, and painters with massive social media followings:

Ernesto Nave, Ruwen Liu, Autumn Skye Morrison, Jeff Menges, Phil Li, Grace Fong, Don Higgins, Odera Igbokwe, Gregery Miller, David Calabrese, TeeJay Dill, Ashley Stoddard, Brendan Keough, and Rebecca Scarborough

Now, The Featured Art From The 2019 Program:

A digital painting by Martina Fackova, a fairy flies through dappled forrest. Created during IMC art program 2019

  Martina Fačková ,@martinafackova

Colorful Painted portrait by artist Primary Hughes. Floral shapes mix with a woman’s face. Started at IMC art workshop

Primary Hughes ,@primaryhughes

painting by artist Sam Guay ‘she shines in the abyss’ female figure amid spiraling ropes. Started at IMC art program 2019

Sam Guay ,@samguayart

Joseph Weinreb contemporary symbolist painting. Blue lions and a flying woman with a sword. Started at IMC art workshop 1019

Joseph Weinreb, @jweinrebart

Hope Does surreal fox painting

Hope Doe,@flyapples

Ben Hill Female fairy looking from below outstretched arms as she leaps toward magical forest

Ben Hill, @benjaminjayart

Oil paint collage by artist Rick Price a woman’s face in red inspired by Mike Mignola’s Hellboy

Rick Price, @RickPrice_Artist

contemporary gothic oil painting by Rain Delmar. Woman in archway, red sheer garment, wrists bound by pearls, white eyes

Rain Delmar, @theartofrain

Oil painting by Nick Elias. A towering Greek god emits glowing green plasm

Nick Elias, @eliasillustration

Digital painting by artist Alexandra Jury of a mischievous fairy running through a snowy forrest fleeing an owl

Alexandra Jury, @ajuryart

Painting by David Natale. Woman with wings gazing up from a pool surrounded by water lilies, made for IMC art program 2019

David Natale, @davidnatale

digital painting by illustrator Kathleen O’ Hara. dragon glowing green, rider silhouetted by moon. Started at IMC art program

Kathleen O’Hara, @kathleenohara_art

Digital illustration by Anthony Di Giovanni showing an ancient ship as sea as a giant entity emerges from an oncoming storm

John Anthony Di Giovanni, @jadillustrated

Oil Painting by David Still showing human riders flying in twilight on giant cats with wings

David Still, @davidstillart

Danny Schwartz surreal knight and green smoke dragon painting

Danny Schwartz, @dannyschwartzart

Painting by Corinne Reid a broken male figure in a pool holds a feather. Icarus fallen

Corinne Reid, @rinfishe

Painting by Dan Watson. Two figures with wine and a knife observe a foreground figure collapsed on their table.

Dan Watson, @danwatsonart

Painting by Michael Flint of Alice in Wonderland, moody and dark

Michael Flint, @michaelflintart

digital painting by Amy Kaufman, two figures sit on a silver globe beneath the moon, purple sky and landscape behind them

Amy Kaufman, @akstarcarrot

More About the IMC Art Workshop:

See all the students who posted their work to the IMC 2019 student work page

The IMC Faculty Lineup for Spring 2020:

Special Guest Artists: Brad Kunkle | Cynthia Sheppard | Becky Cloonan


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