Marie Larkin: Quest – The Journey @ Weswal Gallery

Let your eyes wander through the many details of Marie Larkin’s exquisite artistic visions. With enigmatic emotion and a creative energy bursting at the seams, her resilient protagonists and narratives bewilder the imagination with idyllic surrealism and endless possibilities.  Join Weswal Gallery, Friday, July 12th for the opening of her highly anticipated solo exhibition, Quest – The Journey.

Marie Larkin is one of Australia’s most successful Lowbrow artists with a substantial global following of fans and collectors. Her works are held in many private collections all over the world. Marie’s work has been exhibited in Australia, the USA, France, Portugal and recently Germany. The artist has just confirmed a solo exhibition with the prestigious, and hugely respected, Corey Helford Gallery in Los Angeles in August 2020.

Marie LarkinMarie Larkin in her studio



Opening Reception:

Friday, July 12, 2019 | 6pm

Exhibition Dates:

July 11 to August 11, 2019

Weswal Gallery

192 Brisbane St
East Tamworth NSW 2340
P: +61 2 6766 5847
E: info@weswalgallery.com.au

Opening Hours

Thursday & Friday 10-4
Saturday & Sunday 10-2


 A New Body of Work for Marie Larkin

Over the past eighteen months wanted to create a very narrative series of works. I wanted to work on imagery and techniques that pushed me to work outside my comfort zones. For me, this is the most effective path to develop as an artist. With these new works, I have combined a compelling and relevant narrative content with my goddess archetype. And apart from my recent Hello Kitty piece for the Hello Kitty 45th Anniversary Show at Corey Helford Gallery all my work, even for group shows, has been influenced by this narrative.

The scene is set in a post-apocalyptic world. Society is increasingly anxious as we become more and more aware of how fragile the balance of our world is in terms of occurrences such as global climate change, the extinction of species and the threat of terrorist and nuclear attack. The genre of post-apocalyptic fiction and film has exploded in recent years, paralleling the increasing risks we read, see, and hear in the news, on social media, and in everyday life. This new body of work finds my goddess archetype on a Quest, a journey to find a better place. Armour clad, the women move through the landscape, both protector and explorer, seeking out a better world and creating it at the same time. They are a metaphor for hope and the qualities of strength, resilience and willpower that mankind must draw upon to survive.

Marie Larkin Quest – The Journey at Weswal Gallery  Marie Larkin pop sureal art surreal art Marie Larkin exhibition at Weswal GalleryMarie Larkin Quest – The Journey at Weswal Gallery

pop surrealism Marie Larkin Quest – The Journey   Marie Larkin Quest – The Journey at Weswal Gallerysurreal portraits

pop surrealism  Marie Larkin Quest – The Journey at Weswal Gallery

Marie Larkin artlowbrow art

Marie Larkin Social Media Accounts

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