This weekend, Arch Enemy Arts celebrated the release of a special collection of work by Erika Sanada. Known for her uncharacteristically intriguing animal sculptures, her imaginative direction paves an eerie path for each ceramic creature. Revealing a personal journey through a symbiotic relationship with her sculptures, Erika’s emotional work often draws parallels between anxiety and fear. This month, Arch Enemy Arts also returns with the fifth volume of their ever-popular Imaginary Menagerie.

This final chapter in the Official Guide to Cryptozoology adds 16 additional artists, each utilizing their exceptional creative styles to interpret ancient legends and fabled mythological beasts. The latest collection reveals new work by Mab Graves, Happy D, Matt Gordon, Kelsey Beckett, Richard Ahnert, Bayo, Heather Watts, Joe Vollan, Kelly Vivanco, Kit Mizeres, Lauren Marx, Mono Cieza, Nathan Durfee, Sean Xenos, Shaun Beaudry, Steve Ferrera, and Virginie Ropars.

Since April 2015, the series has seen nearly 80 artist’s interpretations to complete AEA’s memorable guide to cryptozoology.

Erika Sanada + Imaginary Menagerie 5

Exhibition Dates:

May 5-27, 2017

Arch Enemy Arts

109 + 111 Arch Street | Philadelphia, PA 19106

For additional information and available artwork please contact the gallery directly at


Erika Sanada Special Collection

rika_sanada_beautifulbizarre_005 erika_sanada_beautifulbizarre_006

Imaginary Menagerie 5

Steve Ferrera

Lauren Marx

Kit Mizeres

Mab Graves

Kelsey Beckett

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