Joe Sorren // Dorian Vallejo: Solo Exhibitions @ KP Projects Gallery

(TONIGHT, US)  On Saturday, November 12, Los Angeles will be steeped in the lyrically magical musings of Joe Sorren and Dorian Vallejo as KP Projects hosts their solo shows. Joe Sorren’s pieces will be adorning the Main Gallery, while Dorian Villajo’s work will be showcased in the Square Gallery.

Joe Sorren’s work seems to shimmer and sway with an invincible breeze. Each painting is like a fanciful apparition… each brushstroke a refraction of light from the sky. Like Hieronymus Bosch, Sorren’s characters swim in a palette of moss greens, fleshy nude peaches, and deep velvet hues, their bulbous heads swaying in the hypnagogic reality. Sorren explains that these new paintings are an exploration of energy, “…you find that the work can display another level of communication that in all but the most aggressive passages, remains a subconscious informant.”

This show is special; it marks the return of a fabulous West Coast artist after a ten year hiatus in Europe. Fans of his work will immediately be transported back into his mystical floating world, and those who have been newly introduced will fall, like Alice, into a new favorite escape.

Ethereal casts of light, and graceful expressive limbs compound the cerebral work of Dorian Vallejo. An inner world is pierced delicately; interactions and moments are made tender by color and naturalistic overlays like glowing blue ivy, or translucent veils of poppy-like flower fields. The physical, psychological and philosophical worlds weigh as one, perfectly layered to produce a complete and deeply felt moment captured by Vallejo’s gifted hands and heart. The concepts and imagery is diverse but Vallejo states, “The common thread uniting it all is an appreciation for the poetry and wonder of life.”

Joe Sorren: From Inside // Dorian Vallejo: Forward With No Sound At All

Opening Reception:

November 12, 2016 | 7-10pm

Exhibition Dates:

November 12- December 10, 2016

KP Projects Gallery

170 S. La Brea Avenue Los Angeles CA 90036

Call: 323.933.4408 | Email: | RSVP:

Joe Sorren  – From Inside






Dorian Vallejo – Forward With No Sound At All








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