The lead up to the end of the year is going to be an exciting one at 19Karen Contemporary Artspace, with 3 incredible Australian artists showing their works to finish off an amazing 2016 of art at the gallery!

Melissa Hartley’s “Nocturnal Heartstrings” brings together her mystical female portraits, dark and beautiful they are filled with the essence of the natural world, beaming with sensuality and the surreal. “This new series ‘Nocturnal Heartstrings’ symbolises emotion and loss and the ritual that the gifting of flowers plays in our lives. It alludes to life and death, with a beautiful kind of sadness”.

Richard Denny is a British born artist living in Melbourne. Richard has stayed true to his colourful unique style in his works for his solo show “Seven”. He has created a series of new faces, using seven layers of wood, in these dynamic and emotive works.

Sydney artist Yoshi Messiah’s vibrancy and intricate lines are a defining feature in his quirky and detailed collection called “Wild Heart”. These abstract works are rich in colour and motion, with a wonderful narrative filled with characters from everyday life. “Whether it’s the wildness of the work itself or the individuals they portray, each painting brings a certain warmth as it tells its story. A vibrant collection of characters, a roller coaster of emotions: welcome to Wild Heart”.

If at all possible, the best way to view these works would be to head to the gallery on opening night, but if you aren’t able you can still catch the incredible essence of these paintings online.

Melissa Hartley, Richard Denny & Yosi Messiah: 19Karen Contemporary Artspace


Opening Reception:
Saturday November 26, 2016 | 6–8pm

Exhibition Dates:
November 26–January 14, 2016

19Karen Contemporary Artspace

819 Karen Ave, Mermaid Beach
Gold Coast, QLD 4218

For additional information, please contact the gallery directly: [email protected]

MELISSA HARTLEY – In ‘Nocturnal Heartstrings’ Melissa presents a hauntingly beautiful collection of symbolic works created around the ritual the giving of flowers plays in our lives. Each piece resonates on a black background, adding a dream like quality. Her stunning works contemplate space, time and the fragility of the human condition.


Brittle Heart


Nocturnal Bloom




The Darkest Star



RICHARD DENNY – A complex and colourful collection of dynamic pieces employing a layering, mixed media approach, in his latest series of works – ‘Seven’ – Richard has used seven layers on wood (and stripped away some in parts) creating new faces from old faces seen in life.


A Winter Journal


Flexible results


Mixing Oceans


The Most Lucky of One


It Wasn’t the Dog


YOSI MESSIAH – Whether it’s the wildness of the work itself, or the individuals they portray, each painting brings a certain warmth as it tells its own story. A vibrant collection of characters, a roller coaster of emotions, a mix of the wilder side of life and everyday suburbia, welcome to ‘Wild Heart’.


Bus Stop


Dreamy Moment







Wild at Heart



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