Span Art Gallery is hosting a solo exhibition of stunning art dolls by Japanese manga artist Kaoru Mori as part of the launch party for her new book “Ghost Marriage”.  The work carries a very ethereal feel, ghostly in nature but contrasted by the solidness and tangibility of the dolls.  All of the classic elements that have made her work so popular will be on display including a perfect blending of western and eastern cultural elements, beauty and grotesque imagery.  The book “Ghost Marriage” is the second from Mori.

Span Art Gallery was founded in 1995 and is noted as one of the premier venues for sub-cultural works in Japan.

森馨 人形作品集 Ghost Marriage ー冥婚ー

Kaoru Mori 


Exhibition Dates:

September 17– 27, 2016

Span Art Gallery

2-18 Ginza, 2-Chome, Chuou-ku | 104-0061| Japan

Publishing Exhibition
“Ghost Marriage Over Meikon”


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