Jennybird Alcantara ‘Charming the Wilds’ @ AFA NYC

All it takes is one look, and you will be able to identify Jennybird Alcantara’s works anytime and anywhere. No one can forget the faces of her doll-like girls and creatures. Their long-lashed huge eyes will stay in our minds for life. Whether they are brought to our visual awareness in bold and rich colors or in monochromatic hues, they will never fail to leave their marks. Experience the amplified effect of these online previews of her works by viewing them in their full sizes at AFA NYC in SoHo.

To learn more about the Jennybird’s work, pick up a copy of beautiful.bizarre issue 003 (available in print and digital format), and read our previous online article about the artist.

Jennybird Alcantara ‘Charming the Wilds’


Exhibitions Dates:
June 11, 2015 – July 2, 2015


54 Greene St.
New York, NY 10013

Jennybird Alcantra - Charming the Wilds @ AFA NYC(Above) Secret #222 – 15×16″

Jennybird Alcantra - Charming the Wilds @ AFA NYC(Above) The Inevitable Ascension – 17×23″

Jennybird Alcantra - Charming the Wilds @ AFA NYC(Above) Charming The Wilds – 58×86″

Jennybird Alcantra - Charming the Wilds @ AFA NYC(Above) Midnight Reverie – 12×27″

jennybird-alcantra_027(Above) Details of A Sublime Escape (cropped) – 42×54″

jennybird-alcantra_028(Above) Details of The Surrender (cropped) – 30×34″

jennybird-alcantra_029(Above) Details of The Cherished (cropped) – 54×62″

jennybird-alcantra_030(Above) Details of The Cherished (cropped) – 54×62″

Jennybird Alcantra - Charming the Wilds @ AFA NYC(Above) Saint Agneau – Patron Saint of Lost Sheep – 12×22″

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