‘Summer Reading List’ @ Arch Enemy Arts

Adventure. Sci-fi. Romance. Mystery. Thriller.

What’s your favorite book genre?

Take a stroll through a wrinkle in time as if in a midsummer night’s dream, and listen to the wind in the willows whisper tales of a secret garden. There is nothing to fear in this paradise lost, for the odyssey ahead will be one of great happiness.

On June 19, 2015, Arch Enemy Arts is pleased to present ‘Summer Reading List’ plus an Artist Spotlight on Sean Talamini’s ‘Lost Cause’. Featuring the work of 18 artists, each uniquely interprets the characters, experiences, and sentiments of their favorite book. From time-honored tales to popular contemporary fiction, the result is a new collection of work that explores the many adventures of art and literature.

‘Summer Reading List’ + Sean Talamini’s ‘Lost Cause’


Opening Reception (both shows):
June 19, 2015 | 6-10PM

Exhibition Dates:
June 19–August 2, 2015

Arch Enemy Arts

111 Arch Street | Philadelphia, PA

For purchasing information and availability, contact the gallery directly at archenemyarts@gmail.com


Artist Spotlight | Sean Talamini | June 19-July 5, 2015


 Featured Artists & Accompanying Book:

64 Colors – The Secret Garden
Björn Griesbach – Of Mice and Men
David Seidman – One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest
Dessie Jackson – A Midsummer Night’s Dream
Erich J. Moffitt – The Wind in the Willows
Halsey Swain – White Fang
Hanna Jaeun – Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde
J.M. Dragunas – Don Quixote of La Mancha
Jeremy Burks – The Odyssey
Joe Hengst – A Wrinkle in Time
KiSung Koh – Animal Farm
Mimi Yoon – Beowulf
Oliver Flores – The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe
Robert Kraiza – Paradise Lost
Rodrigo Borges – The Picture of Dorian Gray
Sean Murray – The Time Machine
T. Dylan Moore – The Jungle Book
Valency Genis – Moby Dick



Rodrigo_Borges _beautifulbizarre_003Rodrigo Borges

Jeremy_Burks_beautifulbizarre_004 Jeremy Burks

Oliver_Flores_beautifulbizarre_005Oliver Flores

Valency_Genis_beautifulbizarre_006Valency Genis

Bjorn_Griesbach_beautifulbizarre_007Björn Griesbach

Dessie_Jackson_beautifulbizarre_010Dessie Jackson

Joe_Hengst_beautifulbizarre_008Joe Hengst

KiSung_Koh_beautifulbizarre_011KiSung Koh

David_Seidman_beautifulbizarre_014David Seidman

Hanna_Jaeun_beautifulbizarre_009Hanna Jaeun

Erich_Moffitt_beautifulbizarre_013Erich J. Moffitt

Mimi_Yoon_beautifulbizarre_016Mimi Yoon

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