Maddy Young: From Dust @ Outre Gallery


In the mind of Melbourne illustrator Maddy Young, the world is black and white. Using white pigment on black paper, or black pen on white paper, Maddy excludes color in her work in order to concentrate on texture and technique. She is very meticulous, knowing in her mind before hand how each drawing will look and how to lay her medium down on paper, sometimes redrawing a concept multiples times in order to get it just right. Collaged, set under glass, and etched into glass, creating paper cutouts.

Her illustrations, usually flat and without tonal variation, are created with a steady hand to produce perfect, infallible lines that flow evenly from one image to the next.

Maddy Young is premiering her new work at Outre Gallery as part of the Small Wall Project September 9, 2016.

Maddy Young: From Dust


Exhibition Dates:

September 9-18, 2016

Outre Gallery

249-251 Elizabeth Street
Melbourne VIC 3000 | Australia

Flowers, figures, fences…Maddy combines the man made and the natural. Described as still life, she explores the everyday scenes that we may walk by without noticing. Have you admired how the vine lovingly wraps the telephone pole lately? How about the dandelions that excitedly bloom through the cracks in the sidewalk? Maddy’s new never-before-seen work, “From Dust”, will be premiering this month and furthers this idea in the form of black and white paper and ink.

“With these works [“From Dust”] I have tried to capture brief, still moments in time, and highlight the soft and decorative harmony between the natural and the man-made, placing the audience as the ever watching spectator. I wanted these works to be observational (as all life is) and to focus on transient things that are sometimes overlooked- I hope to convey feelings of stillness and solitude.” ∼ Maddy Young

Maddy YoungMaddy Young

Maddy Young Maddy Young

Maddy Young

Maddy Young

Maddy Young

Maddy Young

Maddy Young

Maddy Young

Maddy Young

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