Tim Cantor ‘Sweet Favour and Fiend’ @ AFA Gallery

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On June 16, 2016, AFA Gallery presented Tim Cantor‘s “Sweet Favour & Fiend”, a masterful new collection of work overwhelmed with detail and vibrant composition. Celebrating his acclaimed work throughout the years, AFA unveiled originals, prints, chiarographs, as well as unseen works exclusive to his solo exhibition. From conception to completion, the implementation of his creative palette lingers with a powerful nuanced sense of emotion.

Tim Cantor – ‘Sweet Favour and Fiend’


Exhibition Dates:
June 16 – August 31, 2016

AFA Gallery of SoHo
54 Greene Street NY, NY 10013
ph. 212.226.7374

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NEW YORK, NY: AFA Gallery is pleased to announce that renowned surrealist painter Tim Cantor will be the guest of honor at a reception in its New York gallery to unveil an exhibition of new works, which will be on view through the summer. The exhibition will take place simultaneously in AFA showrooms in New York and Las Vegas. This will be Cantor’s inaugural show at AFA.

Sweet Favour & Fiend will feature 5 original paintings, concept drawings, writings, and 15 new limited edition prints on canvas by Tim Cantor. The collective works showcase Cantor’s mastery of color and detail and expose that which Cantor both fears and reveres. Inspired by his waking dreams, the Artist blurs the line between dark and light, leaving the viewer to his or her own impression.

Tim Cantor is a California native, born in 1969. His career blossomed from an early age. He began painting with oil at age five. At fifteen, one of his oil paintings was acquired for the permanent collection of the White House. Cantor prefers to paint during the stillness and silence of the night, alone with the imagination that comes to life in his work. He is well known for his work with the popular rock band Imagine Dragons, with whom he has been on tour recently.

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