‘La Lune’ Group Exhibition @ Haven Gallery

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This summer, Haven Gallery is presenting a group exhibition exploring various mythologies surrounding the moon and its artistic interpretations. The gallery invited a diverse group of New Contemporary artists to interpret the theme freely and create a number of artworks that reflect their personal fascinations and perspectives while using the medium of their choice, and in their own style. Expect to see a naughty Sailor Moon painting among a number of dark surrealistic works, a mesmerizing art doll among a group of hand-embellished fine art photographs, an ethereal digital painting among a group of oil paintings, tapestries among a diverse group of drawings, and more! If you happen to be in the gallery’s vicinity on June 25, 2016, stop by the gallery for the opening reception of the exhibition. Many of the exhibiting artists are going to be there!

La Lune

Opening Reception:
Saturday, June 25, 2016 | 6-8PM

Exhibition Dates:
June 25 – July 31, 2016

Haven Gallery

155 Main St., Suite 4
(The Carriage House Square)
Northport, NY 11768

Hours of Operation:
Wednesday – Sunday | 12PM – 6PM

Participating Artists:
Sonya Palencia, Chris Mars, Kukula, Scott Fischer, Joseph Weinreb, Zoé Byland, Jacub Gagnon, Kindra Nikole, Janet Cook, Robert Kraiza, Kane Kokaris, SoCar Myles, Sarah Joncas, Michael C. Hayes, J.A.W. Cooper, Shannon Bonatakis, Tom Bagshaw, Carisa Swenson, Redd Walitzki, Calliope Bridge, Mab Graves, Alex Garant, Matt Dangler, Andi Soto, Jel Ena, Kelly McKernan, Syd Bee, Scott Radke, Kevin W. Peterson, Mahlimae, Tina Lugo, Julie Filipenko, Regan Rosburg, Cassie Meder, and Nicolas Bruno

Press Release:

The moon has pervaded history, culture, myth and the natural sciences since the earliest people walked the planet. Multiple meanings interpreted through forms of magic, folklore, empirical theories and conclusions, religious scriptures and more can be found among cultures from all over the world.

The luminescence and reoccurring nightly presence of the moon has been a constant for all living things on Earth. Life as we know it would be vastly different without the existence of a moon. With the earliest purpose thought to be as simple as a light source at night to modern day understandings of its effect on the Earth’s rotation and tides, the moon has found itself playing a fundamental role in the lifespans of all forms of life on this planet. Consequently, the appearance of the moon is a natural phenomenon accepted and embraced by all societies and resultantly, permeates all forms of popular media and culture.

“La Lune” asks artists to contemplate and create a work of art based off of these empirical, spiritual, fantastical and/or religious views of the moon amidst historical and contemporary society. Interpretations may span past humanity to include the effects of the phases of the moon on the animal kingdom and botany as well. Additionally, inspiration will be derived from ancient times, such as goddesses of Greek Mythology dedicated to the moon to modern day media including comics, movies and music.

For more information and preview images, please contact Erica Berkowitz at info@havenartgallery.com

tom_bagshaw_beautifulbizarre_01(Above) Tom Bagshaw, “Solus” – One off digital painting on cotton rag stock, hand embellished, mounted on board, varnished and framed; 11 x 14 inches (14.5 x 17.5 inches framed)

jel_ena_beautifulbizarre_01(Above) Jel Ena, “Woman in the Moon” – Graphite on Moleskine, 4.5 x 6.5 inches (12 x 14 inches framed)

matt_dangler_beautifulbizarre_01(Above) Matt Dangler, “Moonlight Tea” – Oil on Panel, 9 x 12 inches

scott_radke_beautifulbizarre_01(Above) Scott Radke, “Chrysalis 3” and “Chrysalis 4” – Mixed media (Resin, acrylic paint, burlap), 17 x 8 x 7 inches (each)

joseph_weinreb_beautifulbizarre_001(Above) Joseph Weinreb, “Lunar Guardian” – Oil on panel, 16 x 20 inches

tina_lugo_beautifulbizarre_001(Above) Tina Lugo, “Sailor Lune” – Acrylic on glass and fabric, 11 x 14 inches

syd_bee_beautifulbizarre_01(Above) Syd Bee, “Achelois” – Oil on wood, 12 x 18 inches

scott_fischer_beautifulbizarre_01(Above) Scott Fischer, “Rabbit Moon” – Oil and enamel on engraved copper, 18 X 24 inches

kevin_w_peterson_beautifulbizarre_01(Above) Kevin W. Peterson, “When the Day is Done” – Oil on wood, 8 x 8 inches

jacub_gagnon_beautifulbizarre_01(Above) Jacub Gagnon, “Moonlight Dinner” – Acrylic on linen, 11 x 14 inches

kane_kokaris_beautifulbizarre_01(Above) Kane Kokaris, “Noctua” – Acrylic on wood panel, 12 x 12 inches

mahlimae_beautifulbizarre_01(Above) Mahlimae, “She would rather walk alone in darkness than follow anyone else’s shadow. – R.G. Moon
Mixed media (stone clay, various textiles, feathers, hemp fibre, rainbow moonstone, puffer fish barbs, dried wren claw, marsupial teeth), 17cm

regan_rosburg_beautifulbizarre_001(Above) Regan Rosburg, “Slick” – Oil, resin, paper wasp nest on panel; 20 x 24 inches

chris-mars_beautifulbizarre_01(Above) Chris Mars, “Moon Machine” – Oil on Panel, 13 x 11 inches

sarah_joncas_beautifulbizarre_01(Above) Sarah Joncas, “Spring Tide” – Oil on panel, 12 x 16 inches

julie_filipenko_beautifulbizarre_02(Above) Julie Filipenko, “I’m a Wolf, and She’s My Moon” – Acrylic on panel, 7 x 7 inches (13 x 13 inches framed)

kindra_nikole_beautifulbizarre_01(Above) Kindra Nikole, “Hyperion” – Mixed media (resin, acrylic embellishments, mounted to wood panel, photograph), 12 x 12 inches

alex-garant_beautifulbizarre_01(Above) Alex Garant, “Under the Blood Moon” – Oil on canvas, 15 x 15 inches

redd_walitzki_beautifulbizarre_01(Above) Redd Walitzki, “Astronaut” – Oil and mixed media on lasercut acrylic panel, 13.25 x 20 inches











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