The Fourth Annual Supersonic Invitational @ Spoke Art

Opening on Saturday January 10th is the 4th Annual Supersonic Invitational at Spoke Art in San Francisco.  The show is curated by popular art blogger Zach Tutor, creator of the “Supersonic” art blog and regular contributor to magazines like Hi-Fructose and Juxtapoz.  The show will feature work from more than 60 internationally acclaimed artists, a number of which fans of his blog and writing will recognize as being part of what Zach calls “Electronic School of Contemporary Art”. This movement is defined as a generation of artists that merge fine art and illustration from their use of the internet.

The Fourth Annual Supersonic Invitational

Spoke Art

Opening Reception: Saturday January 10th, 2015 at 6pm
Exhibition Dates: January 10th – January 31st

For Details and Updates Visit www.spoke-art.com or www.supersonicart.com


Exhibiting Artists

Allesandra Maria, Alex Pardee,  Allan Innman, Amy Sol, BEZT, Brett Amory, Cahill Wessel, Cam Floyd, Camilla d’Errico, Casey Weldon, Charlie Immer, Charmaine Olivia, Christian Rex Van Minnen, Christine Wu, Conrad Roset, Dan Christofferson, Daniel Danger, David Slone, Edwin Ushiro, Erik Jones, Fumi Mini Nakamura, Glenn Arthur, Hanksy, Hannah Stouffer, Haunted Euth, Henrik Uldalen,  Hikari Shimoda, Hsiao-Ron Cheng, Jason Edmiston, Jeff Ramirez, Jen Mann, Joanne Nam, Joao Ruas, Joel Daniel Phillips, Ken Garduno, Ken Taylor, Kikyz1313, Lauren YS, Lucien Shapiro, Matt Ritchie, Matthew Woodson, Meryl Pataky, Mike Mitchell, ONEQ, Ozabu, Peter Adamyan,  Peter Chan, Rebecca Mason Adams, Robert Bowen, Sail, Sam Wolfe Connelly, Sarah Joncas, Seamus Conley, Sean Newport, Sergio Lopez, Soey Milk, Stella Im Hultberg, Steve Kim, Tatiana Suarez, TS Claire, Tom Bagshaw,  Winnie Truong, Zoltron

Cahill Wessel_BeautifulBizarre_001Cahill Wessel


Cam Floyd_BeautifulBizarre_001Cam Floyd

Camilla dErrico_BeautifulBizarre_001Camilla d’Errico

Charlie Immer_BeautifulBizarre_001Charlie Immer

Christian Rex Van Minnen_BeautifulBizarre_001 Christian Rex van Minnen

Conrad Roset_BeautifulBizarre_001Conrad Roset

Daniel Danger_BeautifulBizarre_001Daniel Danger

Edwin Ushiro_BeautifulBizarre_001Edwin Ushiro

Hannah Stouffer_BeautifulBizarre_001Hannah Stouffer

Haunted Euth_BeautifulBizarre_001Haunted Euth / TS Claire

Hikari Shimoda_BeautifulBizarre_001 Hikari Shimoda 

Hsiao_BeautifulBizarre_001jpgHsiao-Rong Cheng

JDPhillips_BeautifulBizarre_001 JD Phillips

Jeff Ramirez_BeautifulBizarre_001Jeff Ramirez

Jen Mann_BeautifulBizarre_001Jen Mann

Joanne Nam_BeautifulBizarre_001Joanne Nam

Ken Garduno_BeautifulBizarre_001Ken Garduno

Lauren YS_BeautifulBizarre_001 Lauren YS

ONEQ_BeautifulBizarre_001 ONEQ

Peter Adamyan_BeautifulBizarre_001 Peter Adamyan

Rebecca Mason Adams_BeautifulBizarre_001Rebecca Mason Adams

Robert Bowen_BeautifulBizarre_001Robert Bowen


Sarah Joncas_BeautifulBizarre_001 Sarah Joncas

Sergio Lopez_BeautifulBizarre_001Sergio Lopez

Stella Im Hultberg_BeautifulBizarre_001 Stella Im Hultberg

Tatiana Suarez_BeautifulBizarre_001Tatiana Suarez

Tom Bagshaw_BeautifulBizarre_001Tom Bagshaw

Winnie Truong_BeautifulBizarre_001Winnie Truong


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