Tis the season of all things creepy, wicked, and supernatural. So it comes as no surprise that Halloween is the favorite time of year at contemporary surrealist gallery Last Rites. In true celebration of darkness, Last Rites Gallery hosts its 9th Annual Group Exhibition 13th Hour. Through an array of mediums, viewers are invited to explore themes of human existence and the unknown as 54 artists take their individual interpretations of the macabre and blur the line between dark beauty and the grotesque. Observers are guided along idiosyncratic realms formed by intricate sculptures, vibrant illustrations, and dynamic paintings. Reflecting back are nightmares once forgotten eliciting an examination of the human mind.



Opening Reception
Saturday, October 29, 2016 | 7- 10pm

Exhibition Dates
October 29 – November 12, 2016

Curated by Paul Booth

Last Rites Gallery

325 W 38th St. #1 | New York, NY 10018

Email [email protected] for information on works and preview list for this exhibition

Featured Artists:

Rebecca Adams, Logan Aguilar, Stefano Alcantara, Sergio Barrale, William Basso, Nick Baxter, Nyahzul Blanco, Adrian Cherry, Nanette Cherry, Paul Cristina, Bastien Lecouffe DeHarme, Damien Echols, Darwin Enriquez, Jose Luis Lopez Galvan, Jessica Gordon, Carl Grace, Joseph Grazi, Peter Gric, Fred Harper, Dan Henk, Kelley Hensing, Jeremy Hush, Stephanie Inagaki, Eric Lacombe, Darby Lahger, Jed Leiknes, Jesse Levitt, Eli Livingston, Elizabeth Lopez, Monique Mantell, Brian Mashburn, Caitlin McCormack, Heather McLean, Emil Melmoth, Menton 3, Harry Michalakeas, David Molesky, Yomico Moreno, Teneile Napoli, Nicomi Nix Turner, Leslie Ann O’Dell, Shane Pierce, David Richardson, Paul Romano, Ron Russo, David Stoupakis, Maria Teicher, Mia Tyler, Christina Tzani, Danny Van Ryswyk, Emilio Villalba, Jasmine Worth, Chet Zar, William Zdan


Study of Death – Emil Melmoth


This Will Never EndMenton3


The Pleasures of the DamnedMonique Mantell


Semper AnticusMaria Teicher


TTH001Eric Lacombe


AnamnesisNannette Cherry


OfferingRebecca Mason Adams


Wasted YearsLogan Aguilar


MalphasCaitlin McCormack


Center of AttentionFred Harper

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