Preview: Camilla d’Errico & Hikari Shimoda @ Cotton Candy Machine

Brooklyn’s Cotton Candy Machine is hosting a two person show titled “Niji Bambini” featuring the art of Camilla d’Errico and Hikari Shimoda. Despite using different mediums and being from opposite sides of the world, both artists feature punchy colors and a child like wonder, making the show a natural pairing. Based in Vancouver, British Columbia (Canada) Camilla d’Errico is coming off of a string of successful shows at galleries but is also known for her Helmet Girls Brand & Tanpopo comics. Hikari Shimoda is based in Japan and has been featured in a number of galleries both in The United States and Japan, including The Corey Helford Gallery and The Art Center Complex of Tokyo.

For both artists there is a clear east / west world influence, and both artists revel in finding beauty in angst making the show even more cohesive. The opening reception is Friday October 10th and the show will be on display until November 9th, more information at

Camilla d’Errico

Camilla dErrico_BeautifulBizarre_001 Camilla dErrico_BeautifulBizarre_002 Camilla dErrico_BeautifulBizarre_003 Camilla dErrico_BeautifulBizarre_004 Camilla dErrico_BeautifulBizarre_005 Camilla dErrico_BeautifulBizarre_006 Camilla dErrico_BeautifulBizarre_007


Hikari Shimoda

HikariShimoda_BeautifulBizarre_001  HikariShimoda_BeautifulBizarre_003 HikariShimoda_BeautifulBizarre_004 HikariShimoda_BeautifulBizarre_005 HikariShimoda_BeautifulBizarre_006 HikariShimoda_BeautifulBizarre_007 HikariShimoda_BeautifulBizarre_008

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