Quick Q & A: What does success as an artist look like for you personally?

The Quick Q & A editorial in Beautiful Bizarre Magazine is a much loved regular feature, in which we ask 6 artists the same 4 questions. In the December 2020 Issue 31 these were the Quick Q & A questions:

  • What does ‘art’ mean to you?
  • In your experience, what are some of the challenges of being an artist?
  • What does success as an artist look like for you personally?
  • How do you develop your imagination as an artist?

We feel that the artists’ responses provide such a valuable insight for our community of artists that we wanted to share one Quick Q & A response from each issue with you, going forward. The December 2020 Issue 31 print issue is sold out, but you can download the digital magazine via our webstore to read more. To ensure you never miss an issue again, you can also subscribe to Beautiful Bizarre Magazine, and have each issue sent straight to your door each quarter.

Excerpt from Issue 31 // December 2020 Quick Q & A editorial: Artists Kathy Ager, Ricard López Iglesias (Ricardilus), Kim Evans, Susannah Montague [2020 Beautiful Bizarre Art Prize, 3rd Prize Winner of the Yasha Young Projects Sculpture Award], Olivia Rose, and Eunpyon respond to the below Quick Q & A:

What does success as an artist look like for you personally?

kathy ager art

Kathy Ager

“My work is so dark and personal, so if I can express these things and still create something that strikes a chord in the viewer, I’ve done what I set out to do. I’m always looking to solve a painting in a way that is both true and symbolic to me, as well as striking to the viewer. I want to make the viewer feel something, or at least make the viewer aware that I felt something. In this way I feel like I’ve gained power over what I’ve felt and experienced personally, and if I’ve also created something the viewer can relate to or see their own power within, that is a major success.”

Ricard López Iglesias (Ricardilus)

“I will answer this question in a personal way, without generalising, because each artist has their own goals, objectives, and limitations. In my case, without a doubt, I believe that the greatest success I could achieve is to be able to continue drawing. Let me explain, illustration is the part of my life that brings me the most happiness, that allows me to daydream and makes me feel that I am who I want to be. That is why I work at drawing, to be able to continue drawing tomorrow. The greatest success is being able to allow myself to never stop drawing.”

Ricard López Iglesias (Ricardilus) art
kim evans art

Kim Evans

“Success is the completion of goals. That beautiful feeling of satisfaction that I brought something new into the world, and excitement on the edge of new beginnings and new works to come. I remind myself of what success is to me too, by reflecting on the work of other creatives (of all kinds) who have contributed to the human story and made a difference, or left a beautiful part of themselves somewhere in the world. Success to me looks like setting intentions and manifesting them, big or small, wild or tame. Success is also when people like or love my work or want to own it, it’s a strange success, because it’s like a mixture of chocolate and grief, letting go of something I was close to.”


“Ah, the dream! A successful artist to me is someone who is not only accomplished in their field but also in other aspects of their life. Though having your own studio and being renowned are strong indicators of success, being able to handle your time and make room for friends and family is something that is much more important to me. Work-life balance is something that I constantly strive for. Though being an author of your own series of books also doesn’t hurt the dream.”

eunpyon art
Olivia Rose art

Olivia Rose

“For me success as an artist is being able to live off the art that I’m creating. Also being able to look at a piece I’ve created and be completely happy/satisfied with the end result. I also think that feeling of mastering your craft or achieving an artistic goal is what I would class as success. Experimenting with different materials and finding what works takes time and dedication, and it really can be a long and frustrating process at times. Being in a position where I have found what materials I enjoy using and now knowing how to use them is a win for me!”

Susannah Montague

“When I step back from the sculpting process and I can feel something emerge. I sense a physical charge, I can feel when a piece has that indescribable energy. When I’m toiling away with the dark angels of doubt and fear and sleeplessness, and all of a sudden I step back and look at the work and I’m like “what the….? Oh ya, now I get it, I now know how I need to proceed.” The struggle shows with this paradoxical nature to creating, just as
there is to living. Art mirrors life and life is a struggle and though sometimes tormenting, we need these challenges to disrupt and force us to test our limits.”

Susannah Montague sculpture

About Author

Danijela Krha Purssey is an entrepreneur, and the Editor-in-Chief and Co-Founder of Australian based international contemporary art magazine, Beautiful Bizarre Magazine. She is deeply passionate and committed to her vision to help shift the paradigm in the global contemporary arts industry regarding what is defined and accepted as contemporary art.


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