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New year, time for a new TAKE OVER, right?!

To offer you a diverse source of inspiration, we select one of our favourite creative minds and friends to hijack our social media for a whole day. One full day of creative energies – directly from the source and curated with ?!

In December, we featured a very special Take Over: Arts champion, philanthropist, and friend Yasha Young curated an exciting Tuesday and offered diverse perspectives on technical development and digital spaces in the art field. Yasha has been a great support throughout our journey and is a major sponsor of the Beautiful Bizarre Art Prize again this year.

This Take Over sounds exciting but you missed the Take Over on our Socials in December?!

Don’t worry, you can check out Yasha’s curation right here and right now!

Enjoy and envision ?

It is such a pleasure to be asked to curate the channel of Beautiful Bizarre Magazine. My ties to editor Danijela Krha Purssey go back years and etching her growth and the magazine evolving into a champion for artists, curators, and galleries alike is so inspiring. Whilst my love for sculpture reflects in the annual Yasha Young Projects Sculpture Award that I sponsor as part of the phenomenal Beautiful Bizarre Art Prize, I also love to see the art evolve with the help of technical development as well as the opportunity the metaspace offers: Here is a glimpse into my current obsessions !!

KidMograph: Alien

I am fascinated with the layers of each human I met and myself: What we show, what we don’t show, what we chose to project, what we can’t control seeping through our shells, what we see when we look in the mirror, and what others see in us. We are often alien to one another, creating fear or preconceived notions or assumptions, even prejudice. Why not try and stay in awe of the unknown and welcome it, learn it and accept it?

Alessio De Vecchi: Body of Work 

The force that is social media is all too often dictating the body image we – especially women – should try to follow. The pull of the suction is overpowering, especially for younger generations. Appearance is what gives a human value? The apps change faces from unique, beautiful beings to soft-washed caricatures. Personally, the human body in all its facets at all stages of age the looks in all their differences are something to cherish and admire and inspire me, especially in art. 

Richard Lord, sound by FRKTL: Generated Amoeba Animation 1

“Art is born of the observation and investigation of Nature,” said Marcus Tullius Cicero, a Roman statesman, lawyer, scholar, philosopher, and academic sceptic who tried to uphold optimate principles during the political crises that led to the establishment of the Roman Empire. Today we try to perfect our development and use of technical equipment and programming in our approach to not only depict but reshape natural forms and add man-made movement as well as project future behaviour patterns.

Firefly Drone Shows

Drones or UAV’s unmanned aerial vehicles initially developed through the twentieth century for military missions considered too “dull, dirty or dangerous” for humans had by the twenty-first become essential assets to most militaries. As time passed, these so-called control technologies improved, and their cost fell so the use of drones could expand to many non-military applications. These include aerial photography, product deliveries, agriculture, infrastructure inspections, science, smuggling, drone racing… and art. Painting in the sky with up to 300 programmed drones replacing fireworks but not the awe we feel when looking at a sky lit up with lights. I am in awe, yes, but I also think an eeriness by being fascinated by something that is also a deadly weapon.


The beauty in the Bizzare is undeniable when looking at the work of 0010×0010, a  Dutch-born Audiovisual Artist whose work is inspired by underground techno. The artist released a series of vinyl records and performed live acid techno sets at underground parties such as Acid Rain at Amsterdam Graansilo. Now bringing together his keen sense of aesthetics and his creative mind, the NFT specialist has created digital beauty that is inspiring and appeals to my sense of geometry and symmetry; if an artist can deliver the music to the work to me, it adds a beautiful layer and completes a multi-sensory experience. When teaching my students at Popakademie, I focus on always integrating music and art as one from the very beginning of a piece. There are many new markets to discover and build out if we think, for example, Tricky delivering the music piece or soundtrack to the next NFT work by Beeple. I stand in line for that. Collaborations are key forever and always in a successful creative career.

Brandon B 

This is it. I am fascinated by tech art and robotics because of the possibility to bring beautiful century-old art aesthetics, instruments, sounds, music, and movements that moved us as humans into the next century – a moving museum for those who possibly can’t remember what a classical concert with an orchestra live in a theatre looked like. We can remember, honour, and inspire.

Looping Lovers 

“What color is your aura?” The modern portrait is changing, and with it, the media applied. The female form has always fascinated the creative eye, and I am always happy to see figurative work, predominantly female nudes executed with respect and grace while depicted. Women are the backbone of so many things carrying many burdens, and their rights are all too often ( like right now!) still subject to debate. I am a woman, and I love my female power and strength. Still, I had to learn to take the hits and grow a stronger backbone than ever before after each sexual harassment by my boss or mobbing by colleagues, or betrayal by partners (even female ones) along my journey. It doesn’t make me bitter; it adds colour to my aura, authenticity to my life, and wisdom to my future. If I could share my aura, it would look like this: Shades of all the colours, soft and strong bright and dark. We grow and excel when we face adversity. We don’t give up, which makes us often scary to others who simply will never experience what it means to be a woman, a girl, a female warrior, and a shield maiden: To all of you, my sisters out there, love Yasha.

This was the last post of our dearest Beautiful Bizarre Guest Curator for the day, Yasha Young. Thank you for the beautiful curation of our feed and the powerful energy and words you shared with all of us!

Don’t forget to check out Yasha’s projects and show some ?, see you all next month for another Take Over! ✨

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