iCanvas TAKES OVER Beautiful Bizarre Socials

Every month we choose one of our favourite artists and creative minds to TAKE OVER Beautiful Bizarre Magazine’s social media for the day. In August, we chose our friends and great supporters from iCanvas to share some of the artists who excite them.

Just in case you missed it, below we present the full TAKE OVER below.

Hi again! It’s iCanvas, and we’re back for another Beautiful Bizarre Instagram takeover. We’re still dog-crazed art lovers who partner with independent artists across the world to provide handcrafted canvas prints. And, like before, we are thrilled to highlight a few iCanvas artists whose peculiar pieces stimulate thought and spark inspiration.

From otherworldly creatures to exploring the female form, we hope you’ll join us on a dive into the world of bizarre.

Antenor Von Khan //

A self-taught illustrator, Antenor Von Khan uses a variety of strange settings to create uncanny beings in worlds beyond ours. It’s especially hard to ignore his expression of the female physique, sometimes distorted yet always holding a specific beauty. Antenor Von Khan’s extraordinary artwork has us falling in love with eerie smokey-eyed characters, their dark moods, and his preference for an art universe without rules or proportions.

Jason Limon //

Creating scenes from somewhere else, Jason Limon’s creepy yet adorable characters demand attention of the eyes and mind. We especially admire his take on furry, four-legged friends! ? His mythical creatures, paranormal cryptids, and skeletal figures combined with a hint of humor exhibit everything we love about pop surrealism.

Within the elements that surround us every day are bits of someone else…

Jason Limon

Hillary D. Wilson //

We wouldn’t define Hillary D. Wilson’s creations as super bizarre, but we find her use of fantasy while portraying under-represented communities empowering, beautiful, and essential. Depicting Black people with supernatural powers, her vivid imagery highlights “perfectly imperfect features” that too often go overlooked and underappreciated. We think her added dose of otherworldly vibes brings layered depth to her already stunning creations.

I am constantly inspired by the world around me, and like to bring that sense of wonder to my work.

Hilary D. Wilson

R.S. Connett //

R.S. Connett uses the world of science to emphasize the unseen magic of the organisms surrounding us all. Each piece is made with intricate details that offer more than initially meets the eye, unveiling new layers the longer you stare. We love that as you dive into his microscopic creations, you’ll meet curious creatures, see foreign flora, and can find new details for days.

The effects of climate change are so dire that I feel compelled to cocoon myself in a world of my own making.

R.S. Connett

Bob Doucette //

We are thrilled to be working with the great Bob Doucette! His focus on creating rather unique and whimsical characters in beautiful and often unsettling scenes always has us charmed. The doll-like feeling in his subjects lend a softer and more approachable side to surrealism. But, as usual, an unexpected oddity or devilish detail results in a piece nothing short of his distinct theatrical perspective.

…the only original thing left in this world is your perspective.

Bob Doucette

Nicebleed //

Composed of two brothers, Nicebleed commonly designs skeletons and astronauts in stories involving captivating situations within universal settings. Their cosmic-inspired art is often combined with earth’s organic beauties, violently vivid colors, and a whimsical outlook on life. Whether fairly muted or brightly laced, we enjoy how Nicebleed’s work always challenges our perspective on our place in the cosmos.

Creating images through random imaginations using all possible media.


Laura H. Rubin //

An iCanvas newbie, we’re excited to offer Laura H. Rubin’s riveting and unusual perspectives. Favoring clean minimalist aesthetics, Laura H. Rubin’s female portraits are made to be evocative, often coated in black and sometimes including harrowing scenes with animals. And we think her mission is accomplished, as we are easily lured into her subjects at first glance and long to learn more stories behind them.

I want to make the viewers look closer and try to understand what this character might feel.

Laura H. Rubin

This was the last piece chosen by iCanvas for their TAKE OVER. Thank you again to the whole team, we really appreciate you taking the time to put this Take Over together.

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