“The Evil Among Us” Group Show @ Palette Gallery

Don’t blame your goosebumps on the chill in the air. Attending Palette Gallery’s artsy creature feature “The Evil Among Us” will electrify your hair follicles – as well as your senses – with a seasonally appropriate dose of date night fright. Now you have an even better reason to pull your main squeeze just a little bit closer!

The San Francisco-based gallery’s dark art group show – co-curated by Shane Izykowski – is inspired by evil-deflecting apotropaic magic. Throughout history, people have uttered incantations, performed ceremonies, and clung tightly to amulets and charms in the hope that dark forces might be kept at bay. The sinister vibe collectively conjured by Palette Gallery’s ten contributing new contemporary artists will remind the beholder that what lies beyond the shadows is a 365-day affair.

Palette Gallery Group Exhibition, “The Evil Among Us”


Exhibition Dates: September 10 – November 6, 2021

Palette Gallery

816 Folsom Street | San Francisco, CA 94107

Phone Number: 415-865-0529

For availability and purchase inquiries, please contact the gallery directly at info@palette-gallery.com

10 Exhibiting Artists:

Kayleen Dejesus, Lin Fei Fei, Jessi Hardesty, Dianne Hoffman, Stephanie Inagaki, Shane Izykowski, Adam McCarthy, Analy Nakat, Spinestealer, and Chet Zar

Press Statement // Palette Gallery presents The Evil Among Us – a dark art exhibition co-curated with Shane Izykowski. This group show explores the rituals of apotropaic magic and their converse implication of omnipresent dark forces in our daily lives.

Derived from the Greek “to ward off” and “turn away from”, apotropaic magic is intended to repel harm or evil spirits. These positive occurrences of the occult are more commonplace than we think, deeply embedded in the cultures that surround us. From amulets and spells, to lucky charms and vague superstitions, apotropaic magic is abundant – thus implying that evil is as well.

About the Gallery // Palette Gallery is a contemporary art gallery located in San Francisco’s dynamic, art-oriented SoMa neighborhood. As part of the Palette restaurant concept, Chef/proprietor Pete Hemsley seeks to explore the unique relationship between food and art. Our rotating group and solo exhibitions showcase the abundant talent of the Bay Area and beyond, with a special focus on local artists. With new shows presented approximately every two months, we openly invite the community to visit the gallery, attend our events, and join the conversation.

About Co-Curator Shane Izykowski // Shane is a Los Angeles, CA-based self-taught, multi-disciplinary artist who mainly creates oil paintings and 3D/interactive sculptures. He also creates music, special effects and makeup, costumes, films, poetry, scripts, murals, and photographic imagery. He was the proprietor of a photography business, the director of a community art gallery, the founder of Project Street Art and has also won awards for short films and community service. Shane hosts an art-themed podcast, Drawing From Experience, that is dedicated to inspiring other artists to cultivate their creative practice.

His dark art-themed work is meant to convey the depth of the human experience through the exploration of visceral imagery, genuine emotion and the common threads that tie us all together. In spite of emotional turmoil, Shane’s art attempts to offer a visual salve that heals trauma and grief. The artist explains, “I find it healing to connect with other humans about the shared experiences we all face, and to know I’m not alone.”

Shane Izykowski: The Banishing

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