Arcadia Contemporary Group Exhibition

As many galleries have had to close their doors, it’s worth remembering that art still exists – and art will go on! Perhaps now more than ever, we need to remember the vital role which historical and contemporary art can play to bring us enjoyment and hope. It’s worth remembering that many artists continue to rely on us, dear art lover, for support and admiration. And so the world adapts, and many virtual exhibitions have taken centre-stage. One gallery promoting their impressive collection of artists virtually is Arcadia Contemporary.

Not only are they providing a new virtual exhibition tour every five days* (new theme, different artists), Arcadia Contemporary have extended their Arcadia Contemporary Group Exhibition until May 14th, 2020. Altogether, the group show spotlights a selection of artists whose timeless techniques bring a broad and delicious picnic of skills and mediums to keep you satiated in your own homes, all with a contemporary twist.

Arcadia Contemporary Group Exhibition

Exhibition Dates:

Through to May 14, 2020

Arcadia Contemporary (venue currently closed)

Old Town Pasadena | 39 East Colorado Blvd. | Pasadena, CA 91105

Contact: 626-486-2018 or email info@arcadiacontemporary.com for inquiries

Featured Artists: Ben Ashton, Jeff Bartels, Bill Bate, Rob Browning, Jeffrey Chong-Wang, Korin Faught, Lavely Miller-Kershman, Loribelle Spirovski & Conor Walton

Do you prefer to dip into the bold works of Conor Walton, or wallow in the rich depths of Bill Bate? Perhaps you prefer to take a bite from Lavely Miller-Kershman’s oil on paper portraits while eyeing up Jeff Bartel’s hyper realistic creations for seconds. In contrast, is a colourful dessert more your style? Loribelle Spirovski can certainly provide that to finish off the feast. Whatever your fancy, there is plenty to enjoy in this fine selection of contemporary art.

The Arcadia Contemporary Group Exhibition remains open through to May 14th. Though the physical gallery is currently closed, you can visit their website for further details and email info@arcadiacontemporary.com for purchase availability.

*For every work of art acquired through the viewing room virtual exhibitions on the Arcadia Contemporary website, 10% of the selling price will be donated to The Center For Disease Philanthropy’s COVID-19 Response Fund. ⁠

Bill Bates surreal contemporary art painting at Arcadia contemporary
Bill Bate – Ascension (oil on canvas, 48 x 36″)
Jeffrey Chong Wang Friends oil painting
Jeffrey Chong-Wang – Friends (oil on canvas, 30 x 24″)
Ben Ashton Parody surreal nude figurative oil painting
Ben Ashton – Parody (oil on linen, 27 x 36″)
Conor Walton astronaut oil painting
Conor Walton – The Man Who Sold the Moon (oil on canvas, 16 x 24″)
Rob Browning Stairs and Briefcase contemporary art surrealism
Rob Browning – Stairs and Briefcase (oil on canvas, 30 x 24″)

Arcadia Contemporary Social Media Accounts

Website | Twitter | Facebook | Instagram

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