‘SEVEN SINS: Transgressions in Art’ & Menton3’s ‘LOSS’ @ Copro Gallery

This weekend you can enjoy an array of gloriously dark works as Copro Gallery in Santa Monica, CA, celebrate the opening of two major events: the SEVEN SINS Transgressions in Art Group Exhibit (curated by Cris Velasco) and MENTON 3’s solo show ‘LOSS’.

SEVEN SINS – Transgressions in Art Group Exhibit


MENTON 3’s solo show ‘LOSS’

Exhibition Dates:

June 8 – June 29, 2019

Opening Reception:

Saturday, June 8, 2019 | 6:00 pm – 10:00 pm

Copro Gallery

2525 Michigan Ave. T5, Santa Monica, CA 90404

In Seven Sins – Transgressions in Art, music composer Cris Velasco has curated an impressive selection of paintings to explore the seven sins through the eyes of numerous artists. One of the largest collectors of Dark Art in Los Angeles, Cris is revered for his enthusiasm and taste in dark art, and renowned for his parties where his own personal collection can be viewed and enjoyed. Seven Sins – Transgressions in Art brings together paintings, drawings and sculptures from the following artists in a visually stunning group exhibition, which encourages each artist to delve into their respective Sin in new and sometimes surprising ways:

GREEDAllen Williams, Vanessa Lemen, Emil Melmoth, Nikko Hurtado

WRATH – Richard Kirk, Christopher Ulrich, Samuel Araya, Brian Smith

PRIDEChet Zar, Dos Diablos, Jake Peck, Luke Hillestad

SLOTHMathew Mrowka, Matt Dangler, Ben Schwenk, Sadan Vague

ENVYPatrick Thai, Steven Black, Billy Norrby,

LUSTStephanie Inagaki, Karen Hsiao, Gabe Leonard

GLUTTONYCarlos Torres, Sean Andrew Murray, Mat Hurtado

Menton3’s solo show LOSS unveils a particularly personal series of mixed-media paintings which deal with emotions and the recent loss of his brother, who passed away earlier this year. The bran new oil paintings and airbrush mixed media artworks on paper will exhibit along a handful of older works from Menton3’s first publication. His signature style is still predominant throughout the new pieces, bringing the dangerous allure of his esoteric females into the limelight once again. Mixed with his recent loss, however, Menton3 invites you to look deeper into what’s happening in front of you.

From the press release: “Though he has always drawn and painted, his first methodical exploration of this field was through music, which he saw as a tool enabling a composer to bring to light ‘interior’ imagery in the listener and reveal frozen phantasmagoric instants, realized subjective memories and encapsulated emotions.” says Menton, “Many of the mythological, religious, alchemical, and historical icons, symbolic figures and shapes stimulate, if not summon, internal functions.”

Menton J. Matthews lll / Menton3 is a self-taught painter, illustrator, and fine artist. His personal axiom is, “externalizing the internal so that resolution is a forgone conclusion.” His subject matters are drawn from daily meditation, alchemical writings, symbology, and Jungian psychology. He frequently creates his own mediums from scratch, adding to the unique property of each individual work he produces. Menton3 has an extensive history in comics and graphic novels as an illustrator, colorist, writer, cover artist, and creator. Some of his more well-known works include, The Memory Collectors, The X-Files, Transfusion, Silent Hill: Past Life, ZVR, The Fly and Monocyte. He also served as the co-creator, designer and editor of the TOME and EXPLICITUS EST LIBER art anthology series.”

For more details on either show, contact Gary Pressman, Copro Gallery Director, on 310-829-2156 or email: coprogallery@live.com.

Vanessa Lemen – The Acquisition Of The Sun

Samuel Araya – Aullidos – Dies Irae

Luke Hillestad – Pride

Stephanie Inagaki – Lust

Dos Diablos – What My Heart Desires (Envy)

Matt Dangler – Til’ Death Do Us Part

Christopher Ulrich – Wrath (double sided mounted in free standing frame)


Interlude 6

There is nothing left of You

In The Name of Envy

You Take Nothing with You



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