Top 100 Embroidery Artists on Instagram

For more than 5 years now, Beautiful Bizarre Magazine has been keeping an attentive eye out on the rising contemporary artistic movement that is embroidery art.

We have had the pleasure of working with many incredible artists – for the magazine itself, our web blog, and have shared their work across our 950,000+ strong social media network. Embroidery art is a fascinating medium, connecting many different techniques and styles, and opening new ways for traditional art, fashion, design and installation art to connect.

So we are thrilled to share with you a list of artists whose work is truly unique, elegant, luxurious, fun and, always incredibly creative. Their creations range from incorporating embroidery with traditional art mediums to adding stunning detail to clothing and the creation of landscapes and incredibly crafted portraits and figurative thread art!!

This is not an exhaustive list by any means, and it is definitely not in any particular order!

It includes internationally acclaimed artists as well as fascinating and brilliant emerging artists who deserve more attention. You may note that there are some embroidery artists who are conspicuously missing, this because we have not included artists with no Instagram presence, because as you will see all the artists mentioned below are linked to their Instagram accounts so you can quickly and easily follow them too.

Of course, there are many more talented embroidery artists out there we didn’t find yet. If you are an embroidery art designer or know one that you feel should be included in our next list, please comment below. We are always in search of exciting new creatives!

Finally, the Beautiful Bizarre Magazine Art Prize is accepting Embroidery Art entries to give all the amazing embroidery artists around the world the recognition they deserve! The 2019 Prize will also have separate Category Awards for Traditional [painting, drawing, collage, embroidery art etc], Sculpture, Digital Art and Photography, so let all your creative friends know! Enter today for your chance to receive global exposure + share in over US$20,000 in cash and prizes!

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Top 100 Embroidery Artists of 2018 on Instagram

1. Liam | ???

2. Aline Brant

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Aline Brant, 2020

A post shared by A L I N E B R A N T (@alinebrant) on

3. nekomatahime

4. ipnot

5. adipocere

6. Ulla-Stina

7. Katerina Marchenko

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Natalie 💛

A post shared by Embroidery on tulle ♡ Мoscow (@kathrin_marchenko) on

8. Adam Pritchett Needleworks

9. Jessica So Ren Tang

10. Marisa Veerman

11. Sarah Naqvi

12. Amberry Lamb

13. Charles Henry

14. Andrea Farina

15. Defne Güntürkün

16. Sally Hewett

17. Esin Altay

18. Sophia Narrett

19. Danielle Clough

20. Max Colby

21. Rachel Dreimiller

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One thing about selling what you make is that you miss certain pieces once they’re gone. This was definitely one of my favorites this year. Still working out if it will be a pattern or not. I had all of these plans for making patterns before Christmas but my brain has shut off for a while, hopefully after a hard reset I’ll get back to making things. I love making pieces but I don’t really enjoy making them more than once, which is why I like the patterns so much, it gives people a chance to make things themselves. . . #embroidery #embroideryart #handembroidery #handstitched #wintersolstice #witch #witches #blackphillip #livedeliciously #dmcthreads #etsy #etsyseller #embroiderypattern

A post shared by Rachel Dreimiller (@yourgothicgranny) on

22. Giselle Quinto

23. Kimit Menapace

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@marcel_sunhead keeps calling this the “Alex Katz Vibes” piece and I kind of love it 😂 🐝 . I’m finishing up the painting and embroidery of the last piece in this series I’m calling “A January Project” [I know it’s February but due to a family emergency I got started on this series a week and a half later than I had planned so, hush lol] It was my New Years resolution just to make without overthinking every step of the way. Ive always felt like every painting I do needs to have this groundbreaking narrative, with political and social implications. It made it so none of my work would grow organically, which is ironic seeing the amount of organic flora and fauna utilized in my work. I’ve learned a lot from this little experiment and I’m actually not dreading writing about it for my artist statement, which is probably a first. I will still make my surreal, symbolism heavy, thought provoking work, and I’d be lying if I told you I didn’t break open my Victorian flower language dictionary to choose some of my embroidered plants in this series, but now I don’t think it will feel as strained. Ok rant over, if you read all of this thank you for entertaining my chaotic mind, it really is just as eclectic as you might have expected haha 🖤💫 . . . #instaart #embroidery #artistsoninstagram #art #artist #embroideryart #fiberart #surreal #surrealart #multimediaart #mixedmedia #mixedmediaart #bee #glass #fusedglass #hair #portrait #paint #painting #draw #drawing #modernart #modernartt #contemporaryart #beautifulbizarre #artwork #artswatercolor

A post shared by Kim Menapace (They/She) (@kimit_the_artist) on

24. Ilaria Margutti

25. Juana Gomez

26. Katherine Heisler

27. Diana Yevtukh

28. ???????? ????

29. Tessa Perlow

30. Irem Yazici

31. Olga Prinku

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Thanks so much for all your comments on my previous post. The skull was inspired by the Mexican Day of the Dead skull designs btw. I'm very sorry I really didn't mean to spook you too much. The skull seems less scary without me in the background so it must have been me 🤔? Also I've been tinkering a bit and changed the eyes from daisies to straw flowers. It looks a bit more autumnal that way. Which one do you prefer? #embracingtheseasons #embroiderylove #вышивка #broderie #modernembroidery #moderncraft #iloveautumn #embroidery #floralembroidery #floralinspo #skull #design #art #dryflowers #hoopart #craft #creativityfound #creativehappylife #autumncolours #stitchersofinstagram #botanical #allthingsbotanical #flowersontulle #botanical #allthebeautifulthings

A post shared by Olga Prinku (@olgaprinku) on

32. Avis Lashonda

33. Amy Jones

34. Yumiko Higuchi

35. nymka.lkh

36. Ksenia Guseva

37. Meg Marie

38. Meg Dauphinee

39. Meghan Willis

40. Lauren DiCioccio

41. Lauren Spark

42. Jess De Wahls

43. Tibonanj

44. ????? ??????????

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Добрый вечер! Сегодня я поздно. Не терпится показать вам новую мою работу! Листайте галерею↔ Вышивка портрета по мотивам картины Ивана Крамского "Неизвестная" ( 1883 год) Дама одета по последнему слову моды 1880-х годов: бархатный берет, страусовое перо ( прикреплено золотым аграфом с жемчугом). Пальто оторочено соболиным мехом и темно- синими лентами. … Я вышила брошь- кулон. В обрамлении овала антикварный полупрозрачный бисер, создающий легкую дымку неба. К броши прилагаются бусы. В бусах я использовала антикварные матовые бусины от @beads_vintage. Именно они идеально совпали по текстуре с бисером в обрамлении броши 😍 Бусы можно регулировать по размеру, что я люблю! Красивый получился портрет❤ Я очень довольна результатом 👧👍 …… Находится в частной коллекции❌ ……. #вышивка #ручнаявышивка #винтаж #бархат #мойтворческиймомент #красота #портрет #вышитыйпортрет #брошьпортрет #живописьиглой #украшения #embroidery #jeverly #handmade #brooch #portrait #workinprogress #embroiderydetails #lunevilleembroidery #couturejewelry #art #елена_щербинская

A post shared by Елена Щербинская (@rozavitebsk) on

45. Minne de Lange

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Finished this new piece of embroidery , titled ‘The Garden’, it measures 7 by 10 cm in total and I’m happy with how it came out, hope you love it too! It will be exhibited in our group show here in Crete and when I’m back home in december I’m going to frame it, take proper pictures and then it will be up for sale ❤️ I’m also planning to make a print of this one, if anyone’s interested:D@#embroidery #handembroidery #needlepainting #embroideryart #embroideryportrait #portrait #drawing #painting #flowers #romantic #feminineart #handmade #fiberart #textile #craftexposure #nature #greece #crete #lakkos #naturelovers #silk #handcraft #art #craft #modernembroidery #silk #contemporaryembroidery #threadpainting #theartofslowliving #hoopart #embroideryhoop

A post shared by Minne de Lange (@atelier_vegvisir) on

46. Michelle Kingdom

47. Inge Jacobsen

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#viviennewestwood #stitch #embroidery

A post shared by Inge Jacobsen (@ingejacobsen) on

48. Alaina Varrone

49. Hiroko Kubota

50. Stephanie Kelly Clark

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Experimenting with ma face and sparkly thread 💖

A post shared by stephanie kelly clark (@artiststephaniekellyclark) on

51. Deroui Safae

52. Emily’s Embroideries

53. Lisa Smirnova

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Работы @ablogina_art сразу по двум темам курса #интенсивнаявышивка : портрет и вышивка на изделии🌿 Курс подходит для всех, кто хочет изучить современную вышивку детально и научиться работать в авторской технике без помощи готовых схем. Опыт в вышивке и навыки академической живописи и рисунка для участия не требуются. Занятия будут проходить по воскресеньям с 18 ноября в моей студии на ВДНХ. Стоимость 6 уроков: 25 000₽. Запись и подробности:🌿

A post shared by Лиза Смирнова (@lisa_smirnova) on

54. Severija In?irauskait?

55. Chloe Giordano

56. Alicia Ross

57. Carrie Violet

58. Louise Jones

59. Stitchguy

60. Sarah K. Benning

61. Taisiya Koval?va

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(Продано) Я имела возможность сделать её какой угодно, но сделала именно такой и очень довольна и процессом и конечным результатом🌺👌🏻😉. Уже к финишу работы композиция портрета обрела дополнительную сюжетную линию – это ищущая удовольствие в охоте зеленоглазая кошка и напрасно заигрывающая с ней маленькая птичка. Эти птички вечно не рассчитывают свои силы🦜🐾! #Stitch_Artinmyblood 🧵➰🎨 #хулиганскаягладь#люблювышивать#needlework#embroidery#pointdecroix#crossstitch#kanavice#Kreuzstich#etamin#waterblog#illustration#иллюстрация#waterblog#вышивальныйманьяк#гладь#вышивкагладью#вышивкакрестом#вышивка#вышивкакрестиком#портрет#вышитыйпортрет#portrait#krestik_i_kanva#em_hm#фрида#фридакало#fridakahlo #frida

A post shared by Художник ✭ Таисия Ковалēва (@taisiya_kovali) on

62. Orly Cogan

63. Sea’s Embroidery

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Details week I guess

A post shared by Sea’s Embroidery (@seasembroidery) on

64. Haley Kay

65. Rebecca D. Harris

66. Sol Kesseler

67. Ell Violet

68. Alina Fera

69. marant00

70. Meredith Woolnough

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I just found an old memory card in my camera bag. It was kind of like finding a forgotten $5 in the pocket of an old pair of jeans. I can’t remember when I put it in there, but I sure am glad I found it. Inside the card are a bunch of photos that are usually hidden in the depths of my (poorly organised) computer. So I haven’t seen them in years. It was nice to rediscover a few detail shots of past artworks – like this Ginkgo circle. This was probably taken in my old studio (the one with the great morning light). I used to get the best shadows there. Man I miss that studio. #artistsoninstagram #makersgonnamake #natureart #ginkgo #ginkgobiloba #embroidery #embroideryart #australianartist #textileart #nature #shadows #shadowart #meredithwoolnough

A post shared by Meredith Woolnough (@meredithwoolnough) on

71. Velvet Meadow

72. Kayra Handmade | by Ceren IK

73. Nadia Garutt

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Some #workinprogress. It looks little bit messy but it is just the start ;) Эксперимент в процессе 😉. Не очень аккуратно, но только начала, еще много работы здесь. Решила, что не хочу вышивать платье, хочу чтобы была ткань. Не знаю, правильно или нет, что ввела элементы аппликации, посмотрим. Вот вчера отложила ее, забыла, а с утра смотрю в сторону своего стола и первым делом глаз зацепился за нее. Руки исправлю, не переживайте, если что 😊. Буду рада любому мнению 🌷 #nadiagaruttembroidery

A post shared by Nadia Garutt (@nadiagarutt) on

74. Victoria Villasana

75. rosemary_mood

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А вот и вся работа целиком, уфф – немного волнительно😶🙃 Эта работа будет вот так – сама по себе😊и надеюсь закончит мои метания и откроет более уверенно новую страницу в моем творчестве не прикладной вышивки, а самодостаточной вышивки, которая ценна сама по себе. Время покажет, что из этого получится… 🌿 #rosemary_mood_embroidery #rosemary_mood_вышивка #rosemary_mood #rosemary_mood_свободныеработы #availableworkrosemary

A post shared by Embroidery art/Yulia (@rosemary_mood) on

76. ????? ?????????

77. Yvette Gilbert | Fox and Heather

78. Yu Jin Kim

79. Melissa Zexter

80. Ashley Catharine Smith

81. Chloe Jo

82. Rebecca Reeves

83. Nathalie Reidel

84. Debbie Smyth

85. Paulina Bartnik

86. Holly Warnes

87. tinycup needleworks

88. Laura Schroeder | Felix + Flower Embroidery

89. Louise Riley

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I couldn't help a quick trial of all five together, not sure about order yet, definitely playtime ahead, hoping to finish the other two tomorrow in a less resolved way, more abstract, but who knows what might happen, I keep getting sucked in! . Oh the creative Vortex! . Couldn't take a pic straight on as all my bulbs in my studio have blown but one and it had a huge me with a phone shadow. Who cares about that, its looking megatron. . This has been a work of total devotion. I always fall in love with my subject, when you spend so much time looking at the fine details of someone's face, it is a crazy kind of intimacy, sewing someone I know just deepens my love, sewing someone I know seven times, well I think we better have babies now @lenaminski Lolz. . Signing out…

A post shared by Louise Riley (@louiserileyart) on

90. Matthew Cox

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Skull with Hairpins, an old work, fuzzy image

A post shared by Matthew Cox (@matthewcoxartist) on

91. teeteeheehee

92. Raija Jokinen

93. Cathy Cullis

94. caycezavagliastudio


96. Julie Sarloutte

97. Rana Balca Ülker

98. R.Masha

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Я просто не верю, что она закончена. Раньше я не занималась вышивкой и без опыта сложно оценить масштаб задачи, которую сам себе ставишь. Это оказалось непросто и долго (очень долго). Где-то на середине я зареклась вновь делать вышивки с такой плотностью, таким количеством деталей и переходов. После примерно двух третей сделанной работы мне казалось, что она не закончится никогда😬☺️ но теперь я смотрю на результат и думаю, что всё стоило того. Почему бы не повторить😏💛 #rmsha_embroidery #embroidery Для тех, кому хочется больше фото, на беханс уже лежит проект и ссылка уже в профиле. 😊🌸

A post shared by 2D artist (@rmshaart) on

99. Maryam Ashkanian Studio

100. Karin van der Linden

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  • Eva Kitok
    April 14, 2019 at 5:29 pm

    FANTASTIC post!!! All my favourites were in there and I found some new ones to follow. Thanks! I am also an embroidery artist. You can find me on instagram on @kitokeva

  • Sorrell
    April 14, 2019 at 6:40 pm

    Hi Beautiful Bizarre,

    I am an embroidery textiles artist missing from your awesome list!
    You can check my work on my Instagram: @sorrellck or on my website.

    Some other notable embroidery artists missing from the list:

    Raven Kianna.D : @ravenkiannad_art
    Emily Tull: @artworkbyemilytull
    Tracey Coverley: @traceycoverley
    Elizabeth Griffiths: @lizgstitches

  • Elena
    April 15, 2019 at 2:16 am

    Good day! It was interesting to discover new artists.

    I’m embroidery artist as well. You can see my work on instagram @velanch
    also you can check the pet portrait embroidery by @kolibrikid

    Thank you

  • Polina Laamanen
    April 15, 2019 at 5:31 am

    Dear BeautifulBizarre editors,

    It is great to know that embroidery artists start getting their recognition in the contemporary art field. Thank you for making this list. I follow many of the artists from it already and I have found several new ones for me to follow: @sparklymouse, @diana_yevtukh , @caycezavagliastudio.

    I am an embroidery artist as well and I combine a lot of techniques to create my realistic pieces. You can find them here:

    I also want to mention couple artists, who could be on the list as well:

  • Kate kretz
    April 15, 2019 at 7:23 am

    Lovely to see so many friends represented, and to discover some new ones. My embroidery work, including human hair embroidery, is at Kate!

  • Tanja
    April 15, 2019 at 4:59 pm

    Thank you, AWESOME list!

    I’m missing Ercigoj Art: @ercigojart

  • Darci
    April 16, 2019 at 1:11 pm

    I would love to be included in such great company! My instagram is @darcidolls and I do miniature embroidery.

  • Marian Jazmik
    April 16, 2019 at 7:42 pm

    What a great selection, so many new people to follow. I am a textile artist my work can be viewed at

  • Michelle Gauthier
    April 17, 2019 at 8:10 am

    Hi there!

    So excited you’re recognizing embroidery artists. I hope perhaps you’ll check out my account too! @michellegauthierartistry :)

  • Freyja
    April 17, 2019 at 3:19 pm

    Love all of these artists! I would love if you could check out my work, I’m @pins_and_needles_aus on Instagram! Would love to one day have my work put out there in a way I’ve been yet to manage xx Thank you for all you do!

  • Nicole OLoughlin
    April 20, 2019 at 1:22 pm

    Hey BB,
    Lots I know of and a few more to check out.
    Check out my kitsch pop idil mash up with classical art @nicole_p_oloughlin

    Thanks! :)

  • Siobhán Jordan
    August 10, 2019 at 6:24 pm

    Marrying paint and thread

  • Nikki Jacobson
    September 26, 2019 at 9:10 am

    So many new people to follow… I enjoyed reading about these artists very much. Thank you for sharing the list. I hope to see more of these artists

  • Catherine Hicks
    November 19, 2019 at 7:03 am

    Hiya Beautiful Bizarre – what a lovely collection of needlists! When you are ready to update, I hope you will consider my own hand embroidered Portraits on mirrors – view on my website ( or on IG @CatherineHicksArt. ??

  • Noah
    April 6, 2020 at 11:10 pm

    What an incredible list! I’m so here for the embroidery revival.

    You should also check out @allisontunis and @thelilembroidebee for some beautiful and very #craftivist work. Thanks for curating this list!

  • Ning Korat
    November 18, 2020 at 6:52 pm

    Hi Beautiful Bizarre.,Thank you for publishing the works of art of embroidery stitches., Before this time, I had no opportunity to create a show. Because I have to teach embroidery to many of my students.
    Today, a large piece of embroidery art like I have created.,I do not want it to be lost.
    When you are ready to update, I hope you will consider my art embroidered., view on my website (

  • Ryan
    February 2, 2021 at 1:38 am

    Hi Beautiful Bizarre! Thanks for this amazing post, I’ve followed so many of them. I am also a Black woman embroidery artist. I focus on celebrating Black hair via thread, both often disregarded as respected art.

    IG: @ravel.embroidery


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