Beautiful Bizarre Magazine Art Prize: Check out some of the Great Entries!

Entries to the Inaugural Beautiful Bizarre Magazine’s Art Prize have officially closed. We want to sincerely thank all the artists that entered, we are deeply honoured by the number and caliber of entries we received from around the world, with artists from 53 different countries submitting entries! We received entries from artists in Croatia, United States, Italy, South Africa, Malta, Indonesia, South Korea, Australia, United Arab Emirates, China, US Virgin Islands, Chile, Philippines, Poland, Latvia, Turkey, Denmark, Israel, Puerto Rico, India, Singapore, Sweden, Colombia, Taiwan, United Kingdom, Panama, Germany, Greece, Russian Federation, Romania, Spain, Mexico, Portugal, Switzerland, Slovakia, US Minor Outlying Islands, Japan, Brazil, New Zealand, Thailand, Russia, Belgium, France, Costa Rica, Peru, Austria, Norway, Canada, Hong Kong, Hungary, Netherlands, Maldives, and Ireland.

Thanks to this process the Editor-in-Chief Danijela Krha Purssey and her team have discovered so much amazing new talent which we will be able to share on our social media, publish on the Beautiful Bizarre Magazine website and the magazine itself in the future!

Judging by Danijela Krha Purssey and Beautiful Bizarre Magazine’s Technical Director Richard Purssey, Modern Eden Gallery Directors Kim Larson and Bradley Platz, and our esteemed artist judges Audrey Kawasaki, Jeremy Mann and Marie Larkin has commenced. This is NOT an easy job, there are so many exceptional entries! The 20 Finalists will be announced next week and the 1st, 2nd and 3rd prize winners in late August.

Timeframes & Deadlines

  • 30 June 2018 [AEDT]: Entries close at midnight
  • 1 – 7 July 2018: Judging
  • 2nd week of July 2018: Shortlist of 20 announced + winner’s privately notified so they can begin their work for ‘Ephemeral’
  • Late August 2018: Winners announced publicly
  • 15 September – 6 October 2018: Beautiful Bizarre Curated Exhibition ‘Ephemeral’

Until then we would like to share more of the amazing entries we have received. Enjoy!


2018 Beautiful Bizarre Magazine Art Prize
is proudly sponsored by our friends


O’Neil Scott
“Her”, Oil on Aluminum

Anna Kincaide
“Always So Polite”, Oil and mixed media on canvas

Vicki Sullivan
“Few Whispers of Japonica”, Oil and Gold leaf on Board

Shana Levenson
“Liberated Dreams”, Oil on Aluminum panel

Laura Castellanos
“My Pink World”, Oil and Resin

Joanna Barnum
“Rift”, Watercolour

Aine Llyn
“Myopia”, Oil on canvas

Dan Cohen
“Queen of Heaven (Nebula)”, Oil on panel

Isabella Ahlin
“While She Was Sleeping no 4”, Oil on canvas

Tyler Kennedy Stent
“You Shouldn’t be Sleeping”, Watercolour on canvas

Kelly Grace
“Diver”, Acrylic on wood panel

Ewa Pronczuk-Kuziak
“Mountain Lullaby”, Oil on linen

Rachel Linnemeier
“A Fine Flutter”, Oil on aluminum panel

Sillier Than Sally (Sally Walsh)
“Bubble &  Squeak”, Watercolour on watercolour paper

Kimberly Dow
“Bewitched”, Oil on panel

Nunzio Paci
“Wild Etlingera (Wax flower)”, Pencil and acrylic on canvas mounted board

Dewi Plass
“Thaw”, Acrylic on wood panel

Christina Gineris
“Queen of Positano”, Oil and gold leaf on canvas

Dannika Sullivan
“Tangle”, Oil on wood panel

“Sweet dreams”, Watercolour, wax pastels, pencil colours on watercolour paper

Yishu Wang
“Hide and Seek”, Mixed-media on wood panel

Margareta Goreta-Rakowski
“Flower Princess”, Pencil, pen and marker on paper

Tom Christophersen
“New Year’s Day”, Watercolour paint, watercolour pencil and white acrylic on watercolour paper

“Pan”, Ink on Paper

Daria Aksenova
“Mono no Aware”, Pen and ink on hand-cut, suspended, layered paper

yadou (Agnieszka Trojanowska)
“Enjoy the Silence”, Charcoal, pencil, white ink on paper

Andi Soto
“Bitácora de Viaje”, Ink, graphite, ultra matte acrylic, gold leaf and colour pencils on vellum bristol paper

Oliver Sin
“Colleen”, Vine charcoal on paper

Susannah Zucker
“Crouch”, Ceramic, moose antlers, steel, concrete

Lorren Lowrey
“Horn of Plenty”, Porcelain

Clémentine Bal
“Couple”, Polystyrene, resin, mastic, marble powder, painting

Creatures of Nat
“Howaitoshika the Alpine Ridge Deer”, Mixed Media

Rafael Nuri
“Brear Rose”, Artist Ball Jointed Doll (porcelain)

Joshua David McKenney (Pidgin Doll)
“Queen Mab”, Painted ‘lace’ on articulated resin doll with hand-beaded wig

Julie Campbell
“Inside out”, Linen thread/floss

Polina Laamanen
“La bombe”, Hand embroidery with ribbons and threads on hand-painted cotton fabric


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