Nathan Durfee’s Tall Trees + Tales @ Robert Lange Studios

Oh the magic we can find here…

Let your thoughts drift into the dreamlike paintings of Nathan Durfee as Robert Lange Studios proudly presents his highly anticipated solo exhibition, Tall Trees + Tales, opening July 6th. In this new body of work, storybook narratives let you bounce eagerly alongside the journey of each character, and these vivid depictions seemingly come to life as the artist’s imagination conjures a wistful experience unique to its viewer.

Join Robert Lange Studios in celebration of Nathan Durfee’s Tall Trees + Tales.

Opening Reception: July 6, 2018 | 6-8pm

Exhibition Dates: July 6 – 27, 2018


Robert Lange Studios

2 Queen Street, Charleston, SC 29401

Gallery hours:  Daily 11 – 5 and by appointment


Press Release:

Robert Lange Studios upcoming exhibit, Tall Trees + Tales, features the work of oil painter Nathan Durfee.  Nathan says of the exhibit, “My objective for this show was to make 20 unique trees with 20 unique stories. The trees are not only backdrops for my narratives, but are also central characters dripping with personality.”

Nathan has been known to endlessly rework his initial sketches on the panel until he finds just the right composition. Once worked out, he systematically begins to build the painting with his diverse visual vocabulary of color and texture.  All are welcome to attend the July 6 event from 6–8PM where the artist will be on hand to answer questions. Durfee’s previous shows have been defined by narrative elements; telling stories to tie the paintings together.  This year he wanted to use composition and a single thematic element to drive the show, which is trees. The end effect showcases the growth and possibilities of his artistic style.

“Growing up, my parents read me ‘the giving tree’.  The tree is very charitable and selfless, but also possessed a surprising amount of utility.  It provided food, income, shelter, safely, leisure, and love.  I always wondered what else a tree could provide,” said Nathan.

Many of the works in the show explore how the tree and their inhabitants coexist. Nathan says, ” In ‘Caretakers’, the tree is depicted much like an ailing grandparent, a centerpiece to the family but also requiring attention and care.  In ‘Strictly Ornamental’ the Kite, has found another life as the splash of color in an otherwise bleak tree, forming a duo of abandoned objects.”

Overall, the exhibit is the perfect example of Nathan Durfee’s unyielding ability to consistently evolve as a painter.  He says, ” In ‘Their Place to Play’ the tree is their home away from home: a safe space to play and create. With each piece I’ve painted, I am exploring new territory and refining and then reflecting upon my technique; this has led to major growth as an artist.”

One collector’s comment in anticipation for the upcoming show is, “The pilgrimage to Nathan Durfee’s annual solo show is greatly anticipated in our home.  We’ve watched his career grow from year to year and can’t wait to see what is next.” Coco Nuttall, from South Carolina said.


About the Gallery:

Robert Lange Studios is a gallery space run by artist and gallery owners Megan and Robert Lange. As such, it is dedicated to the development of an on-going dialogue between artists from a diverse range of artistic disciplines at differing levels of their careers.

Gallery owners Megan and Robert Lange are committed to providing a forum for art based on individuals, subjective style and awareness. This dedication has created a reputation for the gallery of consistently finding new and interesting artists that stand out for their imagination and distinctive personal touch. The gallery is a member of Charleston Fine Art Dealers’ Association, French Quarter Gallery Association, Redux Contemporary, and Halsey Institute.

The RLS Residency program invites international and national artists to live in a residency space situated within the gallery. Located at 2 Queen Street in the heart of historic Charleston, SC we provide a platform for experimentation that gives exposure to diverse and dynamic art practices developing locally, regionally, and around the world. Working with the Halsey Institute of Contemporary Art or Redux Contemporary Art Center by housing visiting artists who are creating exhibits for the Halsey Gallery or Redux Gallery we aim to facilitate creative networks and connect the local art community with the global sphere of contemporary art.

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