Flower Child: Art Inspired by San Francisco’s Summer of Love @ Modern Eden Gallery

Flower Child ~ often used in description with the ideals and universal movements of peace, belonging, and free love.

In the summer of 1967, nearly 100,000 people gathered at Haight-Ashbury, San Francisco, in commemoration of their generation’s non-conformist revolution and an era of harmony.  This iconic rock festival-hippy phenomenon steeped in psychogenic stupor symbolizes the pinnacle of what is widely recognized as “hippie culture”. On Saturday, August 12, 2017, join Modern Eden Gallery in the celebration of Flower Child, a new group exhibition inspired by that long, hot Summer of Love.

Flower Child: Art Inspired by San Francisco’s Summer of Love

Opening Reception:

Saturday, August 12, 2017 | 6–9 pm

Exhibition Dates:

August 12–September 2, 2017


Modern Eden Gallery

801 Greenwich Street @ Mason and Columbus | San Francisco, CA

For press inquiries or sales, please contact Gallery Director Kim Larson kim@moderneden.com


Press Release:

This upcoming August (2017) will mark the 50 year anniversary of San Francisco’s infamous Summer of Love . This event was highlighted by the largest gathering of Hippies (or Flower Children), the rise of 60’s music legends, and the widespread use of psychedelic drugs, all culminating in the summer of 1967 in the city’s Haight-Ashbury neighborhood. The late 60s marked the beginning of the counterculture movement that would grow to attract and give rise to the great artists, activists, writers, freethinkers of the 20th century. The entire city of San Francisco will be celebrating this landmark year with special programs,  press coverage, local attention, and events throughout the summer.

Featuring new works by Young Chun, Sybiline, Chris Guest, Chie Yoshii, Rhea O’Neill, Andrea Sipl, Marlene Seven Bremner, Erica Calardo, Jana Brike, Pippa McManus, Julie Filipenko, Sheri DeBow, Happy D., Daisy Church, Gretchen Lewis, Sergio Lopez, Daniel J Valadez, Kindra Nikole, Amy Ahlstrom, Lori Nelson, Megan Buccere, Alison Ye, Amandalynn, Phillip Hua, Alec Huxley, Chris Leib, Simona Candini, Elizabeth Amento, Mary Syring, Martin Hsu, John Walker, Henry Schreiber, Meredith Marsone, Catherine Moore, Rebecca Rose, Kim Huynh, Joshua Coffy, Carly Janine Mazur, Erica Rose Levine, Michael CampbellBrian Donnelly, Debra Gardner Abarca, Christina Ridgeway, Ania Tomicka, Peter AdamyanKristin Forbes-Mullane, Omalix, Steve Ferrera, David Natale, Stephanie Jucker, Johnie Thornton, Leilani Bustamante, Hana Mulyati, James Marc, Aunia Kahn, Adam Ziskie, JOEMUR, Delphyne V., Primary Hughes, Tracy Lewis, Chris Sheridan, Adam Caldwell, Wesley T. Wright & Malia Landis, Bec Winnel, Erich J. Moffitt, doubleparlour, Lacey Bryant, Sandra Yagi, Kelly McKernan, Ron Norman, Jessica Violetta, Melanie Alves, Derek Harrison, Ruth Speer, Gillian Keller, Lioba Brückner, Jaclyn Alderete, Hikari Shimoda, Ransom & Mitchell, and Monty Guy.

Young Chun

Jana Brike

Sergio Lopez

Pippa McManus

Lioba Brückner

Ruth Speer

Peter Adamyan

Ania Tomicka

Kim Huynh

Chie Yoshii

Jaclyn Alderete

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