Scott Radke: Sculpting the Shadowlands

There is a powerful force at work behind the sculptural pieces of artist Scott Radke. Through dark hollows and isolated forest clearings, his characters emerge all gnarly fingered and looking like malignant creatures, but not the kind you are afraid of, ones that you are immediately drawn to. You want to know of their mysteries and you can sense a force that seems to provide a feeling of comfort, an intensity that emits from their faces and the familiar symbols that are presented and embedded into their bodies. It’s always incredible to me how artists can produce these forest dwellers. Where in their imagination did they bring forth these characters? From deep in our subconscious, we connect to their familiar faces that are tremendously moving and filled with insight… willing to share part of the darkness through their voiceless presence.

Scott brings to life interpretations of birds, bats, moths and dramatic witch-like creatures keeping the meaning behind these souls hidden and simple, allowing the viewer to explore their own meanings and conclusions. These beautifully macabre sculptures are further brought to life with Scott’s talent as a photographer, where they are captured at “home” amongst nature or hanging from large trees.

Sometimes bearing common symbolism, they seem to transform these meanings into a moving energy once they are combined with their intensely sculptured faces, often deeply wrinkled it gives them an ageless wisdom. Scott has somehow managed to find these ancient characters and bring them forward into the light to be shared. Their peculiar charm is reminiscent of ancient trees; the green hue provides the distinct style that makes his work immediately recognizable.

Scott has developed his style after many years as a mixed media artist, sand sculptures and sidewalk drawings and large-scale murals, were part of his early days as an artist. In the last few years though, there has been a noticeable comfortability develop in his style, settling into the shadowland and bringing its imagery to life. There is no fear to tip the edge of the darkness and present it in its own beauty to the world, wildly raving with madness and unpredictability.

If you, like me, are drawn into Scott Radke’s world, you can follow him for updates via his web page and socials! His new resin casts give everyone an opportunity to own a beautifully hand-painted, limited edition sculpted piece.

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