Julie Filipenko, an artist from Tel Aviv, Israel, has a unique way of mingling her youthful subjects with the woodland creatures of the world. Through a balance of loose hand-drawn styles, textures and use of color, her illustrations welcome you to a circus tea party, piquing the imagination with lingering creative sparks. Having earned a BFA at Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design, the nostalgic ambiance of her work, flanking dream and reality, speaks for itself.

Employing a combination of materials ranging from acrylic and graphite to markers and colored pencils, Filipenko describes her style, “Bizarre and sweet at the same time.”

Her distinctive fantasy-driven themes, botanical elements and playful eccentricities achieve a certain innocence that reminds you of the meaning of friendship.  These rosy-cheeked little ones, occasionally sweetened with tattoos and a deeply ingrained love for the natural world, encompass the flight of childhood reverie. Capturing the quintessence of lion whisperers and veggie friends, Julie’s drawings leave us wishing that we too had a pet mandrake to cuddle.

Julie Filipenko’s work will be on display at Arch Enemy Arts ENCYCLOPEDIA BOTANICA Group Exhibition, scheduled to run May 2nd- 31st.


Julie_Filipenko_Ghost_Bunny_beautifulbizarre Julie_Filipenko_I_See_You_beautifulbizarre Julie_Filipenko_Last_Night_I_Was_A_Unicorn_beautifulbizarre Julie_Filipenko_Lion_Whisperer_beautifulbizarre Julie_Filipenko_Mechanical_Heart_beautifulbizarre Julie_Filipenko_Soft_Wind_beautifulbizarre Julie_Filipenko_Spare_A_Head_beautifulbizarreJulie_Filipenko_Coraline_beautifulbizarreJulie_Filipenko_alice_beautifulbizarre Julie_Filipenko_Camoflauge_beautifulbizarre Julie_Filipenko_crocodile_tears_beautifulbizarre Julie_Filipenko_Sweet_Melancholia_beautifulbizarre Julie_Filipenko_Young_Magic_beautifulbizarreJulie_Filipenko_souls_are_made_for_singing_beautifulbizarre

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