Nataliya Derevyanko ‘No Angry Birds’ @ Distinction Gallery

Join Distinction Gallery this weekend as they present the solo exhibition of Nataliya Derevyanko. Immerse yourself in her delightfully tiny paintings that capture the essence of her enthralling animal subjects.

Each bursting with personality and charm, the compositional elegance and brushwork of Nataliya Derevyanko’s creative vision sparks curiosity as if turning the pages of a children’s book filled with wonder. Bears, mice, dogs, cats and unicorns invite you into their story while letting you create their imaginative journey.   

View the full exhibition and add to your collection!

“I paint from my childhood always and everywhere. I am inspired by the surrounding world – children, people, animals, and nature.”

Nataliya Derevyanko 'No Angry Birds' unicorn painting at Distinction Gallery

Words from the Artist:

I paint from my childhood always and everywhere. I am inspired by the surrounding world – children, people, animals, and nature. I like to travel and take paint with me always. I like oil and acrylic painting. That’s what I do not get tired ever. I was born in Ukraine, studied fine art. I am a member of the National Union of Artists of Ukraine. I teach painting at the Academy of Arts. Students make me constantly improve. I try to paint every day. It can be a small fruit sketch or a big children illustration, but the main thing is to paint every day.

My love of painting makes new pictures. These pictures I want to share with you in my store.

I have two children Nastya and Demid. I have painted children’s illustrations for them, which later became books. My children help me to paint and interfere with me at the same time. But it’s wonderful! I hope they learn from me something beautiful.

Nataliya Derevyanko ‘No Angry Birds’

Opening Reception: March 14, 2020 | 6 -10pm

Exhibition Dates: March 14 – April 4, 2020

Distinction Gallery

317 E Grand Ave Escondido | CA 92025

Nataliya Derevyanko 'No Angry Birds' surreal love birds painting

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