iCanvas Special: Exploring The Unexpected In Digital Art

This article has been published on behalf of iCanvas, Gold Sponsor of the Beautiful Bizarre Art Prize Digital Art Award 2022. We would like to thank iCanvas once again for their support and generosity, allowing us to provide a significant cash prize for the Digital Art 1st prize winner in 2022.

The opportunities for artistic expression are endless; styles continue to change and artists continue to innovate. One important driver of artistic evolution is new technologies. At iCanvas, we love seeing all the unique ways artists incorporate digital advancements into their creative expressions

From dramatic abstract portraiture to delicately textured paint strokes to curious depictions of dystopian settings, we appreciate all the bold and nuanced ways artists are using tech. And as Beautiful Bizarre’s 2022 Gold Sponsor of the Art Prize’s Digital Art category, we wanted to share some of our favorite iCanvas prints created with a dose of digital magic. 

Whether it’s a full computerized creation or a fusion of technological and traditional techniques, these artists combine everyday visuals with unexpected touches. While some have already caught eyes at Beautiful Bizarre, we hope to introduce you to a few new favorite creators!

Matylda Konecka
The Elephant House

Mixing whimsical endearment with a touch of adventure, Matylda Konecka’s imaginative scenes are full of fairytale vibes. From the pet elephant flying overhead to the faces in the windows of those that may be dead, we love all the otherworldly details in this print. And with the shop’s inviting glow, we find ourselves longing to escape to this quaint yet captivating place. 

Khoosheh Shariati

Cold As Ice. But In The Right Hands She Melts

Khoosheh Shariati’s abstract portraits reveal distorted faces with striking pops of color against dark backgrounds. Combining delicate lines with dramatic features, we find her expressionist paintings powerful. The mix of big and bold with barely there in her digital faces forces us to reexamine how we see each other. And we’re all for art that inspires second glances.

Andreas Claussen

Panic Buying

No stranger to Beautiful Bizarre Magazine, we too appreciate the darkly humorous scenes Andreas Claussen dreams up. Featuring astronauts and open water motifs, he creates first with traditional oils before digitally recreating his peculiarly playful paintings. Ranging from slightly sinister to downright silly, the added layer of commentary in his prints is something we adore. 

Victoria Obscure

Cotton Candy

Victoria Obscure’s female characters are a collision of surrealism, darkness, and dreaminess. Undeniably eye-catching, it’s the juxtaposition of sweet and unsettling in this pouty portrait we find most entrancing. From the fluffy candy hair to the slender silhouette, her delicate vibes get disrupted by an unexpected drip. Creating a delightful whiplash between textures that’s a mesmerizing treat.

Matt Dixon

Gorton’s Christmas Wish

Inspiring us to look inward with a nonjudgmental eye, Matt Dixon’s robots reveal raw emotions within tough exteriors. This scene of a massive machine tenderly unboxing a tiny teddy pulls on our heartstrings. Despite an overall dismal aesthetic, this moment of careful comfort is full of fuzzy feelings. We think it does a great job shining a light on the need to question assumptions. 

Roll Up and Paint

Scarecrow OG

This fashionably contemporary take on a scarecrow immediately caught our attention. From the casually comfortable look to the burst of blooming buds, it ranks highly on our list of uncommon scenes. Using fresh colors and soft textures, we love the hazy atmosphere surrounding this ineffective attempt at intimidation. Created by Roll Up and Paint, we think this digital print serves laid-back vibes with style.

Sarah Kamada

Not Fragile

Sarah Kamada’s graphic sketches of badass chicks are often delicately drawn against dark backgrounds. Using thin white lines and dramatic bursts of color, her alluring characters ooze confidence. Even when blindly falling face first, you’ll notice her head is buried in a box declaring NOT fragile. This collision of self-assurance and impending danger leaves us feeling both intrigued and inspired.

spielsinn design


The mundane are infused with madness in spielsinn design’s digital hybrid creatures. Fusing bits of beasts with simple stuff, their monster mashups are full of imagination. Making light of doing laundry, we feel this prehistoric pin thing represents this chore’s burden pretty well. And with the added dose of loose lingerie, this snappy print is loads of fun. 

Felipe Calazans


Unusual and beautiful are two words we use to describe Felipe Calazans’ digitally painted portraits. Often featuring things with wings, this print provides two very different pairs. From the large butterfly set emerging from her sockets to the tiny ones carrying the hurried hummingbird, we enjoy the symbolic play between sight and flight. It offers a chic yet curious vibe that leaves us feeling uplifted. 

Marcel Caram

Lágrima (Tear)

Marcel Caram’s surreal artwork takes you deep inside of dreams. Depicting impossible scenarios full of regular things, his inventive illusions spark imaginations. This crying planted egg shedding golden tears in the shade is utterly unusual. Combined with foreboding light and a castle in sight, and this cryptic creation gets our mind into overdrive.

Catherine Swenson

As Time Goes By

Full of stories and supernatural flair, Catherine Swenson’s digital illustrations are enchanting. Even this seemingly somber glimpse into future states includes a sense of magic. From the dancing embers to the fireside companions, moments of warmth disturb the various shades of gray. Making us find this prophetic print a surprisingly comforting take on civilization’s pending collapse. 

Underdott Art


Underdott Art’s composite photography captures people unpredictably. With a spellbinding stare and symmetrical stance, we’re first captivated by her powerful presence. Only then do we notice we’re seeing the sea where she should be. Making us do a double take, we think this digital portrait is mesmerizing. And we love the possible play it makes connecting our missing piece to nature. 

We hope you enjoyed these prints as much as we do. Want to see even more digital art available on iCanvas? Dive into our full collection of digital works from visual artists all over the world!

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