Who Are the Most Awarded Artists of the Beautiful Bizarre Art Prize?

Written by: Mauricio Gonzalez, Founder and CEO ARTDATAintel

We believe that becoming a Great Artist is a marathon – not a sprint. For that reason, we always analyze the attainment of awards over a multiyear period. In this publication we will use the power of ARTDATAintel* statistics to select the Top 11 Rankings across the 4-year history of the highly prestigious international competition Beautiful Bizarre Art Prize. Over that period (2018 2021), more than 10,000 Art pieces (Paintings, Photographs and Sculptures) were submitted, 392 awards given (counting Awards and Finalists), and 302 Artists awarded with one or more awards.


Our goal is to isolate those artists who like Djokovic, Nadal or Federer in the ATP have secured acclaim over a long period of time. We realize that winning an award doesn’t make a great artist, but when an artist repeatedly wins more awards than others and his/her performance is consistent across multiple years, make no mistake – that artist is a great buy! Consistency is the name of the game in any business and statistics don’t lie.

Without further ado, here you have -in alphabetical order- the 11 Most Awarded Artists of the Beautiful Bizarre Art Prize. All these stars have won 3+ awards over the 4 years of competitions:

Brittany Markert from the USA
‘Let go, 2015’
Analogue Photography, Hasselblad 500c, 80mm, Kodak TMAX 400, Ilford Warmtone Fiber Paper
iCanvas Photography Award Finalist – Beautiful Bizarre Art Prize 2020
Ed Binkley from the USA
‘Evening Ascending’
Coloured pencil, 17 x 20″
RAYMAR Traditional Art Award Finalist – Beautiful Bizarre Art Prize 2021
Jessica Dalva from the USA
‘As Dusk Would Fall’
Mixed Media Sculpture, 9” x 14” x 9”
2nd Prize Winner Sculpture Award – Beautiful Bizarre Art Prize 2019
Kristine & Colin Poole from the USA
‘Spinner of Dreams’
Fired clay, caseins, sterling silver, brass, 16” x 13” x 10”
1st Prize Winner Yasha Young Projects Sculpture Award – Beautiful Bizarre Art Prize 2020
lexi laine cardumen
Lexi Laine from the UK
Digital Photography, Sony A7Riii, 28mm F2, Nauticam housing
1st Prize Winner iCanvas Photography Award – Beautiful Bizarre Art Prize 2020
Mothmeister from Belgium
‘Post-Mortem Fairy Tale – Spirit of The Other World’
Digital photography, Canon 5D Mark II – lens 24-105 mm
Stocksy United Photography Award Finalist – Beautiful Bizarre Art Prize 2019
Nicolas Bruno from the USA
Digital photography, Nikon D850, Nikon 50MM F1.4
iCanvas Photography Award Finalist – Beautiful Bizarre Art Prize 2020
Egyptian American Roland Mikhail
‘Memory’s Descent’
Airbrushed Acrylic on Wood Panel, 40” x 30”
Grand Prize Winner – Beautiful Bizarre Art Prize 2021
Sarah Lee from the USA
‘Fairest of Them All’
Resin, clay, quail eggshells
Yasha Young Projects Sculpture Award Finalist – Beautiful Bizarre Art Prize 2021

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*ARTDATAintel is a comprehensive, insightful Intelligence database that helps collectors make smarter, more informed art investments while inspiring artists to define winning strategies in the marketplace. By exploring 500,000+ submissions and identifying more than 9,200 award-winning artists from diverse art contests over the past 14 years, ARTDATAintel is able to provide industry trends along with statistics on an artist’s multi-year performance, his or her ranking among peers, consistency across contests, rising trends and more.

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