Alex Face, Huntz Liu, Brian “Dovie” Golden & Don’t Fret @ Thinkspace Projects


Mark your calendars because this weekend Thinkspace Projects invites you on an imaginative adventure to discover the work of four distinct artists and their solo exhibitions. Are you excited, yet? We sure are! Join them in celebration of Alex Face, “Scorch and Drop”, Huntz Liu, “Strata”, Brian “Dovie” Golden, “Small Wins”, and Don’t Fret, “A Pleasant Mess”.

Still want more? Thinkspace Projects has a full schedule of online events for all exhibitions, including virtual tours, live streaming, interviews and much more… so be sure to follow their blog Sour Harvest to stay updated on all the artsy things you love! If you’re looking to add to your budding collection of art, take a moment and visit their store to view available inventory.

Alex Face, Huntz Liu, Brian “Dolvie” Golden, Don’t Fret

Opening Reception: Saturday, August 14, 2021 | 6:00-9:00pm

Exhibition Dates: August 14 – September 4, 2021

Thinkspace Projects

4217 W. Jefferson Blvd., Los Angeles, CA. 90016

Alex Face, “Scorch and Drop” (Gallery I)

Thinkspace Projects presents Alex Face’s debut U.S. solo show, ‘Scorch and Drop’, following successful solo exhibitions in Bangkok, Thailand and Venice, Italy. This brand new collection of work Face’s newest work incorporates the character Alex Face has become known for, exploring new situations and elements, introducing the variety within his work to a new audience. His signature subject, a quizzical smoking baby that shares a moniker with the artist himself, can be seen contemplating the future. With a worried look spread across its face, this baby turns an eye to the world around it, an extension of Alex Face’s identity as an artist with a social conscience.

The character was inspired by the birth of the artist’s daughter, “The first time I saw her she looked angry or worried, I thought, are you not happy to be my daughter? Are you not happy to be in the world?” Ultimately, this moment became the catalyst for the character he is widely known for. The baby, with its third eye to represent another dimension beyond what we can plainly see, takes on new situations and future possibilities in this new collection of work.

Patcharapol Tangruen (aka Alex Face / b. 1981) is a well-known and influential graffiti artist in Thailand. Alex studied architecture at Bangkok’s King Mongktut Institute of Technology and earned a Bachelor’s Degree in the Department of Fine and Applied Arts. An interest in architecture led Alex Face to explore and wander the streets and back alleys of Bangkok for abandoned buildings, sites that he eventually used as a canvas to develop his street art. Using Alex Face as his alter ego, the artist attempts to create a link with the urban population, the underprivileged of Bangkok and the surrounding provinces. His iconic character showcases the adventures of a disillusioned child in a baby rabbit costume who looks wise beyond his years, at first glance appearing cute, but all the time worrying about the future of our world.

Huntz Liu, “Strata” (Gallery II)

Thinkspace Projects is pleased to present Huntz Liu’s latest solo show,‘Strata.’ Using his signature techniques of cutting and layering paper, Liu crafts a collection of work that explores depth in a striking way. Known for using a straightedge and knife to craft his compositions, Liu has taken his study of perception to new heights with ‘Strata.’

My work deals with the layering and removal of material. It presents a visual language that unflattens two-dimensional forms and gives weight to line and edge.

Each composition is comprised of meticulously cut shapes on different planes, reveling in both the layering of material and the absence of material. By embracing negative space, Liu creates line and shadow, building an image that is so much more than each of its individual parts. The compositions strive for a perfect balance, embracing the chaos of the shapes and colors. As Liu describes it, “this is a reflection of the perfect sphere we live upon and the chaos of the layers confined within.”

The artist adds “Underlying every piece is the method and medium of hand cut paper. There is a calm in this process, with its forced tedium + slow/heavy time consumption, that allows me to live in and about the work. Every shape and color, every corner and edge, I was there for. There is no escaping it and, ultimately, there are no shortcuts.”

About the Artist // Huntz Liu (b. 1981) is a Taiwanese-American artist who works primarily with cut and layered paper. He lives and works in Los Angeles, where he grew up, crafting layered pieces that serve as a study on shape and color. With a straight edge and knife, Huntz Liu cuts and layers paper to expose geometric/abstract compositions, creating work at the intersection of literal depth and perceived depth. It is in this intersection that Liu thrives, allowing the contrast to inform his work.

Brian “Dovie” Golden, “Small Wins” (Viewing Room)

Brian “Dovie” Golden is a visual artist who uses painting and drawing as an introspective tool for understanding issues of identity, race, gender and mental health, as well as an attempt to reconcile the harsh realities of life. His imagery is personal, incorporating realism through portraiture with cartoon style inclusions (aka his Fiends). The drawings depict angels, halos, devils, ropes and ribbons that bind and unwind, claws that cling, faces in crowds and huge teeth clamped like bear traps.

Golden was born and raised in Chicago and studied Graphic Design/Multimedia Production at the International Academy of Design and Technology, earning his BFA in 2007. Golden was awarded 1st Place at the Black Creativity Expo at the Museum of Science & Industry in Chicago in 2018 for his painting “Promises…Promises”. He currently lives and works in Chicago, continuing to expand his body of work through exhibitions, commissions and murals.

Don’t Fret, “A Pleasant Mess” (Viewing Room)

One of Chicago’s most visible working artists—you can find dozens of his murals dotting the Loop and South Shore—Don’t Fret is also one of its most secretive, putting up his large works while the rest of the city sleeps.

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