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Inside Edition 6 of our free artist resource, MentorMe, we discuss social media, the time for money ratio on selling artworks, and the challenges of making a living off your art.

MentorMe is a free resource for artists who wish to learn from their peers.

Beautiful Bizarre Magazine is passionate about supporting artists and the industry. Through research and consultation, we seek to develop new ways to encourage, mentor and inspire emerging artists as they explore their creativity, develop their technical skills and find their personal style. We asked 9 established artists to be our mentors in order to encourage, guide and inspire emerging artists as they explore their creativity, develop their technical skills and find their personal style.

MentorEdition 6 Mentors:

Ryan Heshka, Kate Bergin, DULK, Kristen Liu-Wong, Victor Grasso, Adrienne Stein, Chris Guest, Rose Freymuth-Frazier, and Crystal Morey.

The 3 questions we asked our mentors to respond to are:

  • Has the rise of social media and the internet affected your practice and sales for better or worse?
  • Does the amount of time you spend on an artwork reflect in its price? Is there a good time for money ratio?
  • What are some of the greatest challenges you’ve encountered trying to make a living from your art?

To download MentorMe Edition 6, click here.

You can access all past editions of MentorMe here to continue your learning.

About Author

Caitlyn Gregson is the Social Media Manager of Beautiful Bizarre Magazine, and a 3rd year Bachelor of Fine Arts student at the University of New South Wales, Australia. She started her journey with Beautiful Bizarre Magazine in April 2017 as an intern, working closely with the Editor-in-Chief to learn about independent publishing and the arts. Caitlyn continues to work with the Editor-in-Chief, Danijela Krha Purssey, providing editorial and curatorial support, and now she also provides input into the magazine curation, assists with the administration of the annual Beautiful Bizarre Art Prize, manages the magazine submissions process and MentorMe, the Beautiful Bizarre Magazine free artist resource. Caitlyn started her artistic journey as an acrylic portrait painter, but is now focusing more on photography, which she is falling more and more in love with each day. She loves spending her time reading and is a self proclaimed plant mum. Caitlyn loves all things weird, wonderful, beautiful and bizarre. And just between us, she’s also a little bizarre herself - but aren’t we all!

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