MentorMe // Edition 6

MentorMe - April 2020MentorMe

A Free Artist Resource: Edition 6

MentorMe is a free resource for creatives who wish to learn from their peers.

Beautiful Bizarre Magazine mentors encourage, guide and inspire emerging artists as they explore their creativity, develop their technical skills and find their personal style.

Beautiful Bizarre Magazine is passionate about supporting artists and the industry. Through research and consultation, we seek to develop new ways to encourage, mentor and inspire emerging artists as they explore their creativity, develop their technical skills and find their personal style. This had led us to launch this Beautiful Bizarre Magazine initiative MentorMe, a regular free resource for creatives who wish to learn, grow and be inspired by their peers.

Edition 6 Mentors:

Ryan Heshka, Kate Bergin, DULK, Kristen Liu-Wong, Victor Grasso, Adrienne Stein, Chris Guest, Rose Freymuth-Frazier, and Crystal Morey

In Edition 6 Beautiful Bizarre Magazine’s Mentors respond to the following questions:

  • Has the rise of social media and the internet affected your practice and sales for better or worse?
  • Does the amount of time you spend on an artwork reflect in its price? Is there a good time for money ratio?
  • What are some of the greatest challenges you’ve encountered trying to make a living from your art?

How to access MentorMe:

Complete the form below, to receive an email which will provide links to download all Editions of MentorMe. If you have already registered for MentorMe in the past, you will have already been emailed the new Edition. In this case the below form will not work. If you would like us to re-send this email to you, please email us at caitlyn@beautifulbizarre.net

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What readers are saying:

steve.eichenberger – I applaud you for what you’re doing with the MentorMe series! I think it will be more help than you’ll ever know, to artists all over the world. I am impressed with the level of honesty/transparency/vulnerability from the contributors. I think MM will help young artists feel validated, energized to summon the courage to follow their hearts…to value their own counsel over that of those around them. Passion is mighty fuel for purpose.

soulexposed – This is an EXCELLENT resource. I’ve been feeling very stuck and uninspired lately, this couldn’t have come at a better time!

highchroma#MentorMe is a brilliant resource. I’ve printed parts of it to stick on my studio wall. Thank you for creating it @BeautifulBzarre!

bronwyn_dierssen_art This was such a great resource thanks for putting it together @beautifulbizarremagazine and to all the artists sharing their stories

luciacandu I read it all – very useful and interesting! Thanks for doing this!

ewapronczukkuziak It’s great idea to share the experiences of other artists! Thank you @beautifulbizarremagazine

sara_sossa Totally great!! I read yet and learn a lot, thanks beauty and bizarre for these source. Even as a beginner like me that guide is to

senjushunga Great resource and great initiative :) @beautifulbizarremagazine

cris_saravia_odem I just finished it (devoured it!) thanks for publishing so honest, meaningful interviews!

amber.j.dickinson This is just what I needed to read today! Thanks for lifting my spirits


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