Top 100 Art Doll Creators of 2019 on Instagram

As the Editor-in-Chief of Beautiful Bizarre Magazine, I have had the pleasure of working with many incredible Art Doll creators for almost 7 years now – for the magazine itself, our web blog, our curated exhibitions, the Beautiful Bizarre Magazine Art Prize, and of course, sharing their work across our 980,000+ strong social media network.

So as we kick off the new year and new decade, I wanted to share with you a list of artists whom I believe are among the greatest living and working art doll creators of 2019. This is not an exhaustive list by any means, and is not in any particular order, however as you will see the works speak for themselves. You may note that there are some art doll creators who are conspicuously missing, this is because I have not included artists with a minimal or no Instagram presence [my little tip for all artists: showing beautiful photographs of completed works on Instagram, rather than just works in progress, is very important], because as you will see all the artists mentioned below are linked to their Instagram accounts, so you can quickly and easily follow them too!

If you are an art doll creator, or know one that you feel should be included in our next list, please comment below. I am always in search of exciting new creatives!

Finally, the Beautiful Bizarre Art Prize has a Yasha Young Sculpture Award Category, which Art Dolls can be entered into, to ensure all the amazing emerging and leading Art Doll sculptors around the world get the recognition they deserve – entries for this year’s Beautiful Bizarre Art Prize, in all Award categories are now open! I can’t wait to see your entries.

Please note we have not included creatures in this list, only human/humanoid dolls.

Top 100 Art Doll creators of 2019 on Instagram

1. Popovy Sisters

2. PashaPasha

3. Midori Hayashi

4. Pidgin Dolls

5. Emilie Steele

6. Oxana & Aleksei Geets

7. Nickis Fabbrocile

8. Sheri DeBow

9. Skvorka Dolls

10. Triffony Artwork

11. Karly Perez

12. Eli Effenberger

13. Kylie Dexter

14. Stefanie Vega

15. Shirrstone Shelter

16. Serenade Doll

17. Handsome Devils Puppets

18. Zoe Thomas

19. Nihilum Doll House

20. Annie Montgomerie

21. Iris Dolls

22. Oplakanska Art Studio

23. Minina Marina

24. Anna Sheva

25. Nadine Dolotova

26. Anna Linberger

27. Roza Dolls

28. Golikova Irina

29. Elisabetta Visentini

30. Stepanida

31. Little Love Dolls


32. Darya Milova

33. Inga Aivashchenko

34. Margarita Dadykina

35. Svetlana Alputova

36. Dorothy in World’s End

37. Mari Shimizu

38. Erica Borghstijn

39. Galina Dmitruk

40. Dorote Zaukaite

41. Nicole West

42. Horka Dolls

43. Vladlena

44. Forgotten Hearts

45. Yovanka Black

46. Eva Hellerová Hodinková

47. Sideshow Doll

48. Ira-Deineko

49. Olga Ryleva

50. Akimlu

51. Eslyn

52. Allias Soul

53. Elena Golofaeva

54. Vassabika

55. Doll Chateau

56. Rafael Nuri

57. Marina Bychkova

58. Julia Cross

59. Enaibi

60. Maria Volkova

61. DD-Anne

62. Alexandra Soury

63. Black Cherry Dolls

64. Anastasia and Sergey Lutsenko

65. Amadiz Beauty

66. Supia Doll

67. Sophia Paraskevopoulou

68. LillyCat

69. Yolanda C

70. Delicacy Doll

71. Yuliya Bokhan

72. Viktoriya Oganyan

73. Anna Egorova

74. Freaks Circus

75. RumpelDoll

76. JR Dolls

77. Tania Ch

78. Sensational Doll

79. Anastasia

80. Polina Myalovskaya

81. Bobetta Doll

82. Erin mir

83. Kika Dolls

84. Domenico Scalisis

85. Veronika Lozovaya

86. Stephanie Blythe

87. Lulu Lancaster

88. Dustin Poche

89. Suzan Grynkiv

90. Jodi Cain

91. Jen Musatto

92. Nefer Kane

93. Sandra Arteaga

94. Klaudiya Marlenovna

95. Alina Varvyanskaya

96. Leilah

97. Laura & Alejandro

98. Elena Misiuna

99. Legioiedilulù

100. Mims Victims

About Author

Danijela Krha Purssey is an entrepreneur, and the Editor-in-Chief and Co-Founder of Australian based international contemporary art magazine, Beautiful Bizarre Magazine. She is deeply passionate and committed to her vision to help shift the paradigm in the global contemporary arts industry regarding what is defined and accepted as contemporary art.


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