Zoé Byland, Jason Mowry, Andi Soto @ Haven Gallery

Let your imagination flutter about the dreamlike visions of three distinct artists. Join Haven Gallery, November 9th, in celebration as they proudly present Zoé Byland, “Captured Dreams”, Jason Mowry, “Amor Fati”, and Andi Soto, “History of Emotions”. Through the complexity of narrative, symbolism, or the nearly haunting emotion that casts like a shadow… these beautiful collections  balance the scales between realism and surrealism.

Come explore each new body of work at Haven Gallery! Also on view is Modern Eden x Haven “Esprit de Corps” Bicoastal Group Exhibition.


Zoé Byland, Jason Mowry, Andi Soto at Haven Gallery

Opening Reception:

November 9, 2019 | 6-8 pm

Exhibition Dates:

November 9 – December 8, 2019

Haven Gallery

155 Main St., | The Carriage House Square

Northport, NY 11768

For additional information and images, please contact Erica Berkowitz at info@havenartgallery.com


Zoé Byland, “Captured Dreams”

Haven Gallery is pleased to present “Captured Dreams”, a collection of paintings by Switzerland based artist, Zoé Byland. Bylands narrative portraits are known for her blending of Victorian era narratives with surreal motifs. Staunch and poised individuals pose amongst strange weather patterns, animated toys and motifs of magic and illusion. An artist who loves to play with dualities, one may notice how disparate devices playfully bring her compositions to life. Contrasting elements such as her use of black and white, reality with illusion and the past with the present result in hauntingly beautiful images that represent the melding of time itself. Through a shift of focus Byland, is able to create a surrealistic world.

ABOUT Zoé Byland

Zoé Byland is a painter, based in Switzerland. She attended the F+F school for art and media design in Zurich and studied contextual painting at the academy of fine arts in Vienna (class of Muntean/Rosenblum, Prof. Elke Krystufek and Prof. Hans Scheirl). She studied art history and taught at an art school in Vienna. She lives and works in Bern.

“In terms of style and content my paintings are based on elements of vintage photography, film noir, graphic novels, super heroes, tattoos and classical genres of art history. I combine the traditional and the contemporary, the classical and the sub-cultural.

I like to use subjects from turn-of-the-century portrait photography because they are a timeless style of representation. We are always in the presence of the past but the past only exists in a selective, staged form, altered by memory. I want to create moments in my paintings that elude time and space, in which history and the present day are blended together.

Disguises are another central aspect of my work. My characters never fully reveal their identity; they retain a degree of secrecy, they protect themselves and are simultaneously visible and vulnerable. The viewer’s imagination has enough room to think up their own narrative ideas. An image can be read in a variety of ways and I don’t want to limit this spectrum of interpretation by applying specific meaning. Just like a good story for me a good painting needs an atmosphere that draws you in and defines the genre in which the narrative is taking place.”


Zoé Byland, "Lady and smoke" black and white portrait painting

Zoé Byland, “Lady and smoke”, acrylic and airbrush on canvas, 45 x 31.25 inches

Zoé Byland "Sisters and Snowy Owl"

Zoé Byland, “Sisters and Snowy Owl”, acrylic and airbrush on canvas, 19.3 x 27.17 inches

Zoé Byland "Boy and bird out of focus" surreal painting

Zoé Byland, “Boy and bird out of focus”, acrylic and airbrush on canvas, 31.5 x 21 inches

Zoé Byland "Lady with Letter" vintage style painting

Zoé Byland, “Lady with Letter”, acrylic and airbrush on canvas, 27.56 x 19.69 inches

Zoé Byland "Sunday afternoon” surreal haunting children portrait painting

Zoé Byland, “Sunday afternoon”, acrylic and airbrush, 29.53 x 41.34 inches



Jason Mowry, “Amor Fati”

Haven Gallery is pleased to present “Amor Fati”, a solo exhibition of new work by Jason Mowry. “Amor Fati” will include seven new gauche and watercolor paintings that weave together symbols and narratives stemming from ancient mythologies. Often finding inspiration from folklore, legends and the natural world, Mowry balances the relationship between humans and animals as a way of embracing the metamorphoses of many antiquital figures and further recounting their timeless tales. Lowry depicts these chronicles with a unique palette and distinctive stylization of the human figure creating readily identifiable histories grounded in contemporaneous times.

ABOUT Jason Mowry

Jason grew up between the art museums and comic book shops, combining the rhythms of each to walk the line between formal art and the fantastic. Jason calls Ohio home where he keeps a studio as well as teaches at the Columbus College of Art and Design. Inspired by the stories he reads, and the people and times that surround him, Jason’s work blends myth, personal narrative, and symbolic imagery to speak to the larger collective narrative.


Jason Mowry "The Fallen Actaeon" surreal watercolor nude art painting

Jason Mowry, “The Fallen Actaeon”, watercolor gouache, arches 300lb watercolor paper, 14.75 x 20 inches

Jason Mowry "Far Away Tended in Darkness" surreal watercolor painting

Jason Mowry, “Far Away Tended in Darkness”, watercolor and gouache, arches 300lb watercolor paper, 13 x 13 inches

Jason Mowry Black Pony, watercolor and gouache painting Haven Gallery

Jason Mowry, “Black Pony”, watercolor and gouache, arches 300lb watercolor paper, 10 x 15 inches

Jason Mowry"The Vessel Rose up from Wonder" surreal nude art watercolor

Jason Mowry, “The Vessel Rose up from Wonder”, watercolor and gouache, arches 300lb watercolor paper, 18 x 18 inches

Jason Mowry Moloch watercolor and gouache painting

Jason Mowry, “Moloch”, watercolor and gouache, arches 300lb watercolor paper, 14 x 13 inches



Andi Soto, “History of Emotions”

Haven Gallery is honored to present, “History of Emotions”, a collection of new artworks by Panama based artist, Andi Soto. “History of Emotions” is Soto’s second solo show at the gallery and will include fifteen new works on paper featuring her fearless use of ink and line. Solo’s work is multifaceted; she blends the finest black ink drawings with gorgeous transitions of color and delicate gold leaf. With each new series, one notices increasingly complex line work juxtaposed with a constant new exploration of color, texture and medium. Motifs of the natural world harking to her Panamanian roots intermingle with the regality and the canonizing of her female sitters often found in art history.

Soto’s states that her work is a result of “constant day-dreaming and contemplation. Her illustration work is the result of an introspection, a way to examine the world, lurking in the vast realm of the unconscious and the emotional response to darkness.”

ABOUT Andi Soto

Andi Soto is a self-taught illustrator. Currently, Soto spends her time residing in Panama and Croatia.


Andi Soto "Closing Heart" surreal mixed media portrait

Andi Soto, “Closing Heart”, ink, graphite, color pencils and acrylics on heavyweight paper, 7 x 7 inches

Andi Soto Saudade surreal goddess painting

Andi Soto, “Saudade”, ink, graphite, color pencils and acrylics on heavyweight paper, 8.75 x 7.75 inches

Andi Soto Tropical Sleeper pop surrealism plants portrait

Andi Soto, “Tropical Sleeper”, ink, graphite, color pencils and acrylics on heavyweight paper, 7 x 7 inches

Andi Soto I Love You pop surreal two head portrait

Andi Soto, “I Love You”, ink, graphite, color pencils, resin and acrylic on heavyweight paper, 10 x 10 inches

Andi Soto "Emotions in Sand nude mixed media drawing

Andi Soto, “Emotions in Sand”, ink, graphite, color pencils, gold leaf and acrylic on heavyweight paper, 10 x 10 inches



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