‘New Icons’: Carlo Miranda + Catrina Holdampf @ Distinction Gallery

Don’t miss “New Icons”, the incredible solo exhibitions of Carlo Miranda and Catrina Holdampf on view at Distinction Gallery. If that wasn’t enough to feast your eyes upon, join them in celebration of their Micro Gallery Grand Opening, which features smaller works by Kari-Lise Alexander, JoKa, Kelly Vivanco, Denise Bledsoe, Scott Rohlfs, Michael Walrond and more!

Carlo and Catrina’s exhibition, along with the Micro Gallery secondary show, will run through October 5th, 2019. Visit Distinction Gallery for a look at all artworks and purchase availability.

Press: Distinction Gallery was created in 2004 to give beginning and established collectors a venue to purchase high-quality, cutting edge artwork. Distinction has hosted over 160 exhibitions since its inception featuring emerging, mid-career and veteran professional artists. Distinction?s artwork is available for purchase online to clients around the world, and most of our artists are available for commissions. In order to further expand offerings to the community, Distinction converted part of their location to ArtHatch, a non profit organization.

ArtHatch is a 7,000 square foot building, which houses the front gallery: exhibitions changing monthly, “The Alley”, featuring over a dozen local artists, “Micro Gallery” – a mini gallery featuring 8 x 8 inch and smaller artworks, the teen studio featuring artwork by 15+ teen artists, 17 artist studios, ranging in size from 150 to 800 square feet, featuring the work of over 20 local artists, ArtHatch Escape Rooms, and coming soon – “The Last Spot” – a Wine, Kombucha, Craft Beer, Mocktail Art Lounge coming soon.


‘New Icons’: Carlo Miranda + Catrina Holdampf

Distinction Gallery

317 E Grand Ave Escondido, CA 92025


Carlo Miranda

Born in Clark Air Base in the Philippines, Carlo Miranda grew up moving from military base to military base along the Pacific Ocean in locations such as Japan, California, and the Philippines. His exposure to different cultures has influenced his art through his perspective of the world. As a child, his passion for art was obvious but due to a motor vehicle accident at the age of 18, his passion for helping others steered him away from the arts. After a decade without a single painting, he has returned to pursue his career in arts. Carlo Miranda specializes in oil paintings, primarily portraiture. Music being a major influence in his life, he has painted several musical artists but is not bound to that subject alone.

Carlo Miranda Focal Point Portrait painting Carlo Miranda Frank Ocean Portrait painting Carlo Miranda Jorja Smith painting Carlo Miranda Miguel realism portrait painting Carlo Miranda One Eye Open painting

Catrina Holdampf

Born in Fresno, California, Catrina started off drawing, painting, and sculpting some early controversial pieces completely self taught. Motivated by her love of music and film, Catrina saturates her artwork with faces she looks up to. In addition to creating portrait fine art and sculpting, she also expresses herself through fashion and modeling. Catrina’s latest work includes large murals, life size features, and embellished canvas and paper originals.

Catrina Holdampf Beyoncé painting Catrina Holdampf Drake portrait painting Catrina Holdampf Mimi Elashiry nude portrait painting Catrina Holdampf The Weekend portrait painting Catrina Holdampf Travis Scott portrait painting


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