Top 100 Wearable Art Designers on Instagram

Wearable Art

For more than 5 years now, Beautiful Bizarre Magazine is keeping an attentive eye out on the rising contemporary art movement that is wearable art.
We have had the pleasure of working with many incredible designers – for the magazine itself, our web blog, and we, of course, shared their work across our 900,000+ strong social media network. Wearable art is a fascinating medium, connecting many different techniques and styles, and opening new ways to traditional art, couture, jewelry, design, and installation art.

So we are thrilled to share with you a list of artists whose work is truly unique, elegant, avant-gardist, luxurious, fun and, always incredibly creative. They work with a wide variety of mediums from textiles, latex, feathers, metal, gold, silver, beads, paper, bones, plastic, pearls, precious stones, lace, resin, leather, fiberglass, wood, and more. Their creations range from small jewels, masks, headpieces, corsets to bigger than life costumes! These wearable artworks can be for fashion, but also to stand out as a community, to become a living artwork or to embrace your beautiful bizarre power.

This is not an exhaustive list by any means, and it is definitely not in any particular order!

It includes internationally acclaimed artists, whose work has been shown in prestigious catwalks and shops and worn by celebrities, as well as fascinating and brilliant emerging artists who deserve more attention. You may note that there are some designers who are conspicuously missing. This is because we have not included artists without an Instagram presence, because as you will see, all the artists mentioned below are linked to their Instagram accounts so you can quickly and easily follow them too. With there being options where users can now send instagram messages on computer, linking the artists’ Instagram accounts next to their name will allow people to check out their work, as well as potentially interacting with them online. We respect that some designers don’t want to have an Instagram presence, but we encourage those who are considering it to create themselves an account and to read up about nitreo and how that could help once their account is live. Of course, there are many more talented wearable art designers out there we haven’t found yet. You can even consider this Top 100 as a Part 1! So, if you are a wearable art designer, or know one that you feel should be included in our next list, please comment below. We are always in search of exciting new creatives!

Feature image by Rebecca Millen featuring claws by Ivy Design and headpiece by Hysteria Machine.

1. House of Malakai

2. Hysteria Machine

3. Agnieszka Osipa

4. Nika Danielska

5. Ashley Rose

6. Iris Van Herpen

7. Rinaldy Yunardi

8. Mel Plum (Aucontraire Photography)

9. Elysian Fantasy

10. Yana Markova

11. Eero Hintsanen

12. Katarzyna Konieczka

13. Hatohiro Mikami

14. Fairytas

15. Squirrel Vs. Coyote


16. Magnhild Kennedy (Damselfrau)

17. Jay Briggs

18. FraiseauLoup

19. Lory Sun

20. Miodrag Guberinic

21. WXYZ Jewelry

22. Bjorn van den Berg

23. Yeha Leung (Creepyyeha)

24. Mirjam Lehtonen

25. Muriel Nisse

26. Bakeneko Designs


27. Xue Liang

28. Leeroy New

29. Aoi Kotsuhiroi

30. Object & Dawn

31. James T. Merry

32. Pioro Blue

33. Erica Gray

34. Ada Zanditon

35. Giulia Danese

36. MyWitchery

37. Liam Brandon Murray

38. Ganor Dominic

39. Royal Black Couture

40. Maiko Takeda

41. Asya Kozina

42. Pisssy Pusssy

43. Joji Kojima

44. Manitou Grove

45. Matthew Griffin

46. Nigel Crow

47. Gelareh Designs

48. Carrie Courtney

49. Claudia Savage

50. Paola Idrontino


51. Dan Schaub

52. The Vampire’s Wife


53. Rosie Red

54. Rose Noir

55. Vincent Cantillon


56. Anu Tera

57. Pheren Couture

58. Ossuaria Jewelry

59. Miss G Designs

60. Pinkabsinthe

61. Katz Little Factory

62. Chiracc Couture

63. Gagarina Design Studio

64. Lara Jensen

65. Marianna Harutunian

66. Michelle Hébert

67. Souhui

68. Manuel Diaz

69. Shamanic Visions

70. Philip Treacy

71. Lorelei Enchantress

72. Virginia the Wolf

73. Rasa Vilcinskaite

74. Fleischauer Creations

75. Bloodmilk

76. Macabre Gadgets

77. Breath & Stone

78. Hexorn

79. Alicia Hannah Naomi

80. Rogue + Wolf

81. Dominic Jones

82. Wildhorn Jewelry

83. Gisele Ganne

84. Ivy Design


85. Julia deVille

86. Parts of Four

87. Thrjar Jewellery

88. Sofia Fitzpatrick

89. Heart of Bone

90. Stone Sparrow

91. Véronique Jeantet


92. Lee Brennan

93. Jivomir Domoustchiev

94. Maud Traon

95. Qian Yang

96. Sevan Bicakci

97. Selene de Viollet

98. Ludovic Winterstan

99. Heidi Lee

100. MM Customart


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