AFA Gallery 35th Anniversary Exhibition

In grand celebration of AFA Gallery’s 35th Anniversary, a special exhibition highlighting their evolution over the past 35 years is sure to be a visual feast for the arts community.  Featuring a collection that balances the interpretative and personal imaginings of artists from around the world, this spectacular show reflects upon many successful years while looking out to the horizon of all that is yet to come.

Press: AFA Gallery is proud to present a group exhibition celebrating the history and continued re-invention of AFA Gallery over the past 35 years. Gallerist Heidi Leigh opened the doors of AFA Gallery in 1983 as Animazing Gallery. Leigh’s enthusiasm for the art business can be best summarized by her single-sentence mantra, “Art is necessary.” The gallery began as an exhibition space specializing in conceptual animation art. Over time, the scope was broadened to include works by renowned American Illustrators and pop culture commercial artists, including Tim Burton, Maurice Sendak, Charles Schulz and Theodor Geisel (Dr. Seuss). In 2012, in keeping with the momentum of natural development and growth, Leigh renamed the gallery AFA (Animazing Fine Art) and revamped its program with new artists, exhibitions, and endeavors. AFA was the realization of the collision between traditional illustration art and contemporary surrealism.

By showcasing new work from AFA’s stable of artists juxtaposed with pieces from the archival collection, the 35th Anniversary exhibition will not only celebrate the gallery’s rich history, but will offer a vision for its future. The exhibition will feature work by Heidi Taillefer, Kirk Reinert, Bill Carman, Pierre Matter, Nicoletta Ceccoli, Jessica Joslin, Stickymonger, Kelly Denato, Troy Brooks, Crystal Wagner, Steven Skollar, Jean Pierre Arboleda, Rose Freymuth-Frazier, Tanya Clarke, David Lipson, Anne Bachelier, Bats Langley, Maria Rubinke, Lin Esser, and more.


35th Anniversary Exhibition

Opening Reception:

May 10, 2018 | 6 – 8 P M

Exhibition Dates: 

May 10 – June 3,  2018



For additional images and information, please contact Amy Goodman at pr@afanyc.com


Bill Carman

Hannah Yata

Heidi Taillefer

Jean-Pierre Arboleda

Kirk Reinert

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