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Though long established, Symbolism didn’t become a real ‘movement’ until the 19th century, where the embers of its formation first sparked as the French translation of Edgar Allen Poe’s works were released into the world in 1847. On reading Poe, fellow writer Charles Baudelaire found his imagination lit, leading to the creation of the infamous Les Fleurs du mal. These poetic prose, as owner and founder of Krab Jab Studio Julie Baroh explains, “Set the French literary scene on fire. It was only a matter of time before the fevered visions of the writers would infect both composers of music and visual artists”.

Since then, the Symbolist movement has continued to burn brightly over the decades. Responding to modern society and merging new techniques with old while working to ensure originality and personalisation within each piece, it can even be argued that the movement has morphed into a new enterprise in its own right as Modern Symbolists continue the evolution of the genre from their artistic forefathers. Artists are no longer moving along one single conceptual pathway; Symbolism continues to expand its veins into many contemporary styles.

To celebrate these modern day Symbolists, Julie Baroh has partnered with fellow artist Liba Waring Stambollion. Together they have curated a visual and spiritual artistic experience, skillfully exploring the depths of symbolic vocabulary, as transcribed by 23 renowned artists from around the world. Welcome to the Modern Symbolists.

Modern Symbolists

Exhibition Dates:

August 26 – November 5, 2017

Opening Reception:

August 26, 2017 | 6-9pm

Curator and Artist talk at 7:30pm with Liba, Julie, Aloria, David, Maj, Erich and Yuko in attendance

Krab Jab Studio

5628 Airport Way S, Seattle, Washington 98108

Participating Artists:

Aloria Weaver, Carrie Ann Baade, David Heskin, Erich Moffitt, Graszka Paulska, Gromyko Semper, Jason Mowry, Julie Baroh, Kim Evans, Liba WS, Maj Askew, Martin Stensaas, Mark A Nelson, Michel Bassot, Oliver Benson, Reiko Murakami, Rhonda Libbey, Roku Sasaki, Samuel Araya, Timea Tallian, Vladimir Ovtcharov, Yoann Lossel, and Yuko Ishii

Timea Tallian – Nature’s Spirit

Symbolism has long been held in awe for its mysticism and ability to convey a thousand stories within a single piece of art. “Drawing from mythical mysteries and the human inner world,” Julie explains, “the Symbolists sought to free themselves from the rigid constraints imposed by institutional reason to connect with the natural flow of life, using unique combinations of language and visual symbols to convey meaning.” In the 21st century, this practice of communication through art is as relevant as ever – perhaps more so in light of modern society’s general disconnection with Nature and the Spirit. This concept is something that Liba WS also holds dear to her heart; her own artwork and curation of Modern Symbolists has been a personal journey to share the power of the Symbolist movement with others. In the printed catalogue for Modern Symbolists – available for purchase at Krab Jab Studio – she explains:

“Our lack of profound intuition, connection and respect for Nature, Spirit and community is destroying the Earth. Materialism, greed and consumerism have given us an escalation of pollution, social disparity, and species extinctions. This of course means that there is still a true hunger for deeper meaning, and harmony with community, Nature and Spirit. Symbolism never died; it just exploded out of the stylistic boundaries of the 19th century. We find it today, alive with passion, colour and freshness digging deep into the ancient mysteries as well as the presence of the moment.”

As artists themselves, Julie and Liba understand the power of Symbolism to not only comment on important issues, but to help the viewer feel a direct connection to essential concepts and experiences, no matter what walk of life the viewer may come from. Both have pieces in the show, along with an eclectic yet harmonious mix of local and national artists.

Liba WS – Sacred Deer

Each artist in Modern Symbolists brings something special to the exhibition. Highlights include Carrie Ann Baade’s paintings which display surreal creations with alluring elements of Renaissance and Baroque imagery. David Heskin’s vibrant paintings will undoubtedly move even the hardest of hearts in his piece ‘Pagan Romance’ – and be sure to keep your eye out for Erich Moffitt’s  ‘Merciful Release’, which deals with the cathartic end of emotional and metaphysical paralysis. As you move through Krab Jab Studio, the allegorical threads woven into Jason Mowry’s mixed media paintings provide a softer beauty reminiscent of tales gone by, harmonising beautifully against Timea Tallian’s ‘Nature’ Spirit’, and Julie Baroh’s piece ‘Little Grandma’ shares a personal tale – and history – that would otherwise have long been forgotten.

The list of extraordinary pieces in Modern Symbolists ensures that audiences will experience a broad spectrum across this genre of art. Moving the viewer between the reflective paintings of Michel Bassot to the powerful works by Samuel Araya, every artist selected for this group show has their own story to bring to the table. Liba WS and Mark A Nelson both share their intricate creations, aptly representing their links to spiritualism and nature through their individual styles. Not to be missed, Kim Evans’ enigmatic painting weaves the unconscious into reality, and Yoann Lossel’s dream-like image breathes life into tales long forgotten. Prepare for this, and more, opening at Krab Jab Studio this Saturday 26th August.

Printed catalogs will be available for purchase on the opening night and throughout the event at Krab Jab Studio. For more information on Modern Symbolists, contact Julie Baroh on +1 206-707-9311 or email contact@krabjabstudio.com

Graszka Paulska – The Truth Will Always Be

Aloria Weaver – Integrity, Piercing the Veil of Obscuration

Carrie Ann Baade – Security

Julie Baroh – Little Grandma

Maj Askew – Olive over Tallow

Roku Sasaki – Pandora

Yuko Ishii – Healing Pyramid

Kim Evans – Lantern

Jason Mowry – The Sphinx, the Substance and the Dreamer

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